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  • anyway you want to help out but i got to leave for right now so ill get back with you on the idea for you to help...i know that you want to help us and im glad that you want to help...ill be on later to disscuss this with you ttyl for now ; 3
    thanks vulken...im not closing the thread...i misread madmarine message so i got depressed but he not leaving so yeah...only had one member leave so its not that bad...skamory is not leaving yet...we may need to war after all if it really comes down to it and hate to say that...i know your not even close to being ready too...
    ello vulken...gunna us a awsome spiritomb for our clan..
    here my team:
    kingdra sp.attack/sp.def
    superior sp.def/speed
    ferrothorn def/attack
    milotic speed/sp.attack
    staraptor attack/speed
    spiritomb sp.def/def

    what you think the three are shinys kingdra,staraptor, and milotic ; 3
    yep yep ; 3 my shiny kingdra,tyranitar,staraptor and milotic...waitin a little longer until the clan gets bigger and can run on its own then ill start shiny hunting again...take your time were working on the clan war right now...congrats on chikorita...
    hey sweetie hows it going...I actually working on us having a clan war and were on the start of having a tournament ; 3
    hey vulken you don't have to leave from inactivity the clan itself is just picking up at the moment. So please stay as long until your ready to battle...I understand shiny hunting is hard at the moment...so please stay with team E.G. until your ready ; 3
    thanks I noticed already got you in your division and your also got your splash points ; 3
    thanks : 3...its a timid nature male...a speedy one just like your jolly nature shiny milotic lol...gunna ev train him to be quick and deadly...good luck on piplup ; 3
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