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  • Suppose one other thing, not sure if anyone is checking my visitor messages or not, but anyway: I can't be on Tuesdays-Wednesdays, or Fridays-Saturdays from 400-1100 PM at least. Since I have work those hours.
    Plus I also stay up until 500am, and wake up around 100PM eastern time zone that is.
    and if anyone that I've added does want to battle I'd rather be notified via vistor message or PM on it. since I'm not really the random battle type, plus I'm usually doing something else on the game or playing a different game at the time.
    Suppose, I'll return to serebii and join Gameinformer 12/31 since I'm hardly on gamespot anymore, and gamefaqs' community is pretty bad.
    I don't think even a Riverclan cat can swim the lake, considering it takes a while just to go around the outer edges.

    I've never been a prisoner and don't plan on being one anytime soon. I prefer defending my own territory to attacking the other clans. I've taken other cats prisoner before though, mostly Thunderclan tresspassers but also once a Shadowclan apprentice. We never did figure out why he was on our territory.
    Onestar mentored me a while back, before the Great Journey when he was still Onewhisker. Through him I became decent friends with Firestar and Graystripe.

    Going by the map, it looks like Shadwoclan territory would be a little quicker, assuming you start at the riverclan camp and end at the thunderclan one. Although, if you travel by night, my territory might be a little safer, because who knows what Shadowclan does at night...... but I'll be watching the border, so I still reccomend going through Shadowclan.
    Blitz is everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. He is me, and yet, he is not me...... depending on the situation. Generally he's just a hyperactive Jolteon.

    I try not to do anything that would make Onestar mad...... he mentored me, so I try to just patrol the borders, especially the one with Riverclan. I know you're up to something over there!
    Since the Nazca and Juan Fernández Ridge are created by volcanic activity in Pacific hotspots (Easter and Juan Fernández) it can be said that volcanic activity in the Pacific is responsible for the suppression of volcanism in parts of the Andes.
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