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  • Thanks. Its been fine so far. The third Pokemon Ranger game is good and I got $170, which I just spent on a new ipod.
    Okay, cool. I'll see if I can find you. You'll know its me because my picture is a Staraptor.

    Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs finally shipped in yesterday. Its a fairly good game. My only criticism so far is that Eevee's assist is an attack using a bunch hearts. Eevee shouldn't be like that...... Skitty makybe, but Eevee? Why hearts? Why not just a plain tackle assist?
    I was just reading your About Me and noticed you have a facebook. Do you mind if I add you?

    Also, were you going to buy the new Pokemon Ranger? It was supposed to come out either today or Monday, but the gamestop here won't have it until tomorrow afternoon...... talk about late shipping.
    The gamestop here wasn't hiring last time I checked, and they said they wouldn't be hiring until christmas. It is a really small store though, inside of our equally small mall.
    Its been a long time since I've seen the Lion King or Lilo and Stitch. I think the first Iron Man was better than the second one as well.
    Oh, ok. I plan on studying meteorology in college.

    Oh, it is? I thought it was some kind of role-playing game. Real-time strategy is the kind of game I normally play.
    You go to a trade school though, don't you? I thought that a trade school was similar to a college in some ways.

    Halo Reach is nice. Definently worth the cost. I haven't read any of the Halo books yet though. I've thought about buying Dragon Age, but I have heard a few bad things about it from some friends so I never did. Is it a good game?
    Cool. I got Halo Reach for the xbox360 when it came out a few weeks ago. Its been pretty awesome. I haven't been able to find a job either, but I haven't been searching very hard.

    I've not been up to much. Planning on sending my first college application later this week to the University of Oklahoma. I toured their campus a little over a week ago, and it was nice.
    Hmm...... *wonders how they do it*

    I'm not a big fan of 3D though. It hurts my eyes or gives me headaches afterwards.
    I use Gamespot sometimes, but I don't have a profile on it or any of the other game reviewing sites.

    How do they create 3D effects without glasses though?
    Hey you would not believe what kind of stuff I have been through for the past year....why I haven't been online so much was because my mother had passed on and since then life has just been difficult for me and I never found the time to log onto the forum since I had so much to deal with. Truly sorry mate.
    I think it was the first system to have two generations of games.

    I haven't looked at the 3DS. Is it nice? What kind of games do they have for it so far?

    Games are always better with a difficulty setting.
    Yeah it was fun. It's a lot cooler up in the mountains.

    I hate games where I have a lot of difficulty killing one kind of foe. Well, not hate, but it gets really annoying after a while. I don't know what the next game I'll get will be, I don't really need any new ones right now.
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