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  • Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation in Colorado for a week.

    I'd heard they had a tornado in Canada, but not one that strong. It was only F-2 or something like that, but it still killed a few people. I think that was last year.

    I bought How To Train Your Dragon for the DS several days ago. Its a good game, with battles similar to Pokemon battles, but its seems to be a really short game.
    I don't play anything online, except for LAN games with my brother on the computer.

    You have tornado sirens? But don't you live in Michigan? I thought that was far enough north you didn't need any sirens. Our sirens never went off this year.
    Its not too bad. It just takes a while to start the games. I'm not sure how the new version will do. I have about half the Modern Warfare campagain done on Verteran. Its difficult.

    We could use some rain now. Its been in the 90s all week.

    I bought Battles of the Clans a few days ago too, and I didn't think it was really any good.
    I have Modern Warfare. Its a good game, but unfortunantly my xbox360 got the "Open Tray error" and it has difficulty playing any games anymore.

    Been good otherwise. Its rained for hours today.
    Yes, Jaypaw/Jayfeather was my favorite among his three siblings. I'm not sure why, but he seemed the most unique because he was blind.
    Cool. I've not been having the bext luck sleeping later either. Today one of our air conditioners seems to have broken, so it'll be too hot for me to sleep tonight.

    I've also made a few job applications, but I haven't been contacted for any of them yet.
    Couldn't tell if that was a yes or a no......

    My facebook account is mainly used to keep in touch with friends when one of us is unable to get into the chatbox on my forum. I don't use it much otherwise.
    I've read most of the Warriors books in one or maybe two days, and it takes about 5 days to read one of the books in the Eragon series (I did only read them in school though, if I had read them at home it would have been faster).

    By the way, do you ever role play online? Because I'm starting up another Eevee Elite rpg forum, and I could use more members.
    Cool. You seem to read pretty fast, just like I do. I read about a page a minute, so i can finish a 300-350 page Warriors book in about 6 hours.
    Yeah, I've been wondering that too. Every time I've asked at the bookstore in the mall here they say they don't even know what the title of the next book is. I hope he is making another Eragon book, and didn't just move on to something else......
    August and November? Thats a long time to wait......

    I just bought Chrome Hounds for the xbox360 since some of my friends said it was a good game. it seems all right so far. I also did a little bit of job hunting, and I might turn in some applications tomorrow if I can get around to filling them out.
    There is a theater about 45 minutes away that is still showing it. I'll probably go down to see it sometime this week.

    If my parents found out my passwords to facebook/other forums I don't know what i would do.

    I wonder when the next Warriors book comes out...... until then I have nothing to read. I haven't been playing any games either.
    I'm probably going to try and get a few applications this weekend. I'm also hoping that I'll be able to see Iron Man 2 this weekend as well. And maybe go boating too...... but the lakes are probably all flooded. We've had a lot of rain recently.
    True enough. There aren't many places I want to work, but I'm thinking about it.

    I don't watch much TV anymore, except for Mythbusters.
    I liked the first few New Prophecy books the best, along with Firestar's Quest.

    I've been posting more recently on the Global Trade Station to hatch some Dragcave eggs and roleplaying on a few smaller sites.

    I don't want to get a job...... but my parents want me to get one this summer.
    Cool, have fun. i think the New Prophecy books were my favorite ones.

    I think I've seen it mentioned before where he lost those two lives...... but I can't remember. I'll look at the field guides later and see if they mention it anywhere.

    I haven't been up to anything lately. Been sitting around the house doing nothing, and preparing for finals in school next week. Next week is my last week of school for this year.
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