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  • hey good luck getting accepted. =) what you thinking about working as? getting a job on campus wouldn't be a bad idea.

    i love link's crossbow training. something about those free games. i was hooked on it til i got all the platinum medals. don't buy resident evil on the wii though. it's a great co-op but just rent it from blockbuster. it's too short and has crappy replay value. how is super mario galaxy? also do you wifi?
    aww i'm jealous. i wish i had time to just play a game through. my playing is too divided, like 30 minutes at a time. what grade are you in? i'm 2nd year college and the hw takes up most of my free time. but i guess it's my fault for letting it pile up in the fist place. XD i can't wait for summer. i'll def have to pick up spyro then but what kind of freezing problems do you mean? and also i'm thinking i'll give paper mario on the wii a chance. do you know if it's any good?
    very nice choices. here's mine
    ps2: persona 3, kingdom hearts
    cube: tales of symphonia
    wii: wii sports
    ds: pokemon pearl
    gba: golden sun series
    n64: ocarina of time
    nes: zobies ate my neighbors
    super nintendo: super mario rpg

    as you can see i'm a big fan of rpg games. that's cool that you have so many old school systems. i have a regular nes and genesis in my dorm. yea the n64 joysticks stink. mine crapped out on me after a month
    that's crazy that you can play so many games at once. i gotta focus on 1 game on 1 console or i get all mixed up or forget what i'm supposed to be doing. yea i have the disk with ocarina, majora, original 1st, and 2nd on the cube too. not such a big fan of the originals though. i beat ocarina of time pretty recently ago, like before school started. that one's def my favorite. got a favorite zelda game? also what's your fav game in general?
    nice. sounds like you've been busy. never played spyro though. is it good? as for me i'm playing windwaker. i'm seriously considering phantom hourglass. which zelda games are you working on right now?
    in ure post u had something that looked like a result form a pokemon personality test if it is ca i please have the link
    Here is all of the pokemon games I have
    Pokemon leafgreen, Saphire, Ruby, Colloseum, red,gold, and silver.
    No longer working Crystaland Yellow
    Games I still need to get.
    Firered,Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, XD gale of darkness, Ranger, Mystery dungeon games, dash and whatever else I forgot.
    yep. also you can only transfer 6 pokemon a day from your gba game. as for the evolution stones i only have 6 badges but i've run into one of each stone and 2 firestones. so yea it's a bit easier i guess. you can always post in the item thread for firestones. people have a lot of extras.
    be sure to learn the ropes for breeding too. it's a big part of the game. i have a vulpix with energy ball (grass move) and hypnosis that kicks ***.
    nope. you need to beat the elite 4 and complete the first pokedex (by seeing all the pokemon) before you can import pokemon from leafgreen, firered, emerald, sapphire, and ruby. you need access to the palpark to transfer pokemon.
    that's right. vulpix is considered kinda of rare cuz it's a kanto pokemon. be sure to trade with some people online. maybe ask for a starter or two. it could really help you out at the beginning. also you'll have to play til you get the palpad item to start trading.
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