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Oct 30, 2012
Jul 23, 2007
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Starving Artist

Vulpixi_Misa was last seen:
Oct 30, 2012
    1. eryyy
      We got our first earthquake yesterday (plus lots of freaking out. The west coasters must be laughing at us.) and I think the storm is on it's way here.
      That Earthquake yesterday sure was weird. I'm in my room watching some TV and I felt my bed shaking. I didn't think anything of it at first and then when my brother told me it was n Eathquake, I was shocked. Never in my life would I have ever though the East Coast would experience an Earthquake.

      I'm not exactly sure where you live but I do know that Irene is coming my way. And it should be a category two when it comes. Not looking forward to that :/
    2. Glameoww
    3. Adelaide1994
      Im not even an Advanceshipper, but vodor SHOULD BE BANNED for trying to start a flame war on the Advanceshipping thread..... Poke and Contestshippers are so rude.
    4. Shooti
      This is mainly my opinion though based on the opinion of my japanese friends with some added logic.
      About the movie 2000 ending song, I never bothered to research deep. It's because I'm not interested in PS anymore. I just heard some of y pokeshipper friends claiming that this is a SatoKasu song. But, at the end of the day both of these songs are debatable.
    5. Shooti
      Actually I think that movie 9 song called "Mamuro beki mono" is an Advanceshipping song. The lyrics of this song suggest that it could be dedicated to:

      1.May and Manaphy
      2.Ash and May
      3.Ash, May and Manaphy

      It's English counterpart song called "Together we will make a promise" gives a clear notion that it's about May and Manaphy and the promise they are making to each other of never forgetting each other and meeting again.

      But, the lyrics of Sowelu's Mamuro Beki mono is debatable and it could well imply to either option 2 or 3 meaning that it's possible that Ash is also involved in the main theme of this song.
    6. Adelaide1994
      Hey there I read your post in the Advance thread

      "andom thought, some people get the notion that Advanceshipping/SatoHaru is very popular in Japan. ...It's not true at all though. SatoHaru is probably just as popular as ShuuHaru and maybe even less because ShuuHaru is just as popular as Contestshipping here. Just because SatoHaru has several notably amazing artists (Suzu, Pd+, etc.) it doesn't make them any more favored".

      How do you know that Advance isnt popular in Japan?
    7. QueenZoroark
      Hey! Nice prof pic x3
    8. catzeye
      *waves* Hey Vulpixi!! How ya been?
    9. Kurai
      -waves- Heeey boo! <3
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