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Last Activity:
Mar 30, 2017
Apr 24, 2006
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Vycksta was last seen:
Mar 30, 2017
    1. Hatsune Miku
      Hatsune Miku
      umm hey Vycksta I have like a question about the claim a pokemon thread. If dragonpsychic is inactive another 3-4 days more can i claim latios because thisf rule:The one month rule also applies for inactivity. If you've made a claim and then don't come on SPPf for at least a month then it is rendered null and void. Getting banned from SPPf, no matter for how long, will also cost you your Pokemon whether you are making a claim or HAVE claimed one.
    2. BlazingCold
      Hey vycksta! I'm here about my claim.

      I claimed totodile, who was open on November 14.

      Then, EpicFeraligatr claimed it on the 19th, hence he still gets the pokemon?

      You didn't indicate a thing in your post for page 120 for me, which lead to my believing that I claimed the pokemon. When I went back to the thread, EpicFeraligatr had claimed it. Whaat?

    3. Aizle Syracuse
      Aizle Syracuse
      Oh dear... I gather you've been having some trouble with your back? :< I'm terribly sorry about that; feel better soon, okay?´•w•` Best wishes ~
    4. Alfred Jones
      Alfred Jones
      You're welcome.

      It's good to know that you enjoy punishing them though.
      (punishment with kind words XD)
    5. Chaser26
      Vyck, for claiming no one has OFFICIALLY claimed Riolu but I have seen people post it. I'm one of them... So who gets Riolu .3.
    6. Victory
      Eh, I don't think I wanna remake the club anymore
    7. Victory
    8. Alfred Jones
      Alfred Jones
      You do such a great job with the claim a Pokemon thread, I feel bad that there's so many people who demand to know if they claimed their Pokemon or not, and you're tired and sore and such :/
    9. FlameRose
      Quite alright; not even my favorite anymore.
    10. Misaki-chi
      Aw, thank you soooo much :D I don't know if you had mods when I was around but I don't think you did, lol, so congrats! :) I'm doing okay, had some messed up health problems but now I'm just doing greattt! Hope you are too!
    11. arceusvictini
      It was just a reminder ;)
    12. arceusvictini
      I'm still expecting the PM. If you do not want me to, just say!
    13. arceusvictini
      [noparse][post=11389218]Look at the post below[/post][/noparse] works better, as shown: [post=11389218]Look at the post below[/post]
    14. golem12
      okay thanks lol
    15. golem12
      thanks sorry for the bother
    16. Power464646
      Srry. My machine mustn't be working
    17. Twentington
      Oh! I didn't notice that. I apologize for that.
    18. Twentington
      I know you think I wasn't on for a month when I claimed Mawile, but I was on for EXACTLY a month when I posted; therefore, I request that my claim be added to the list.
    19. Power464646
      I thought i claimed kabutops
    20. golem12
      when do you accept the next claims? and something else i want to claim bouffalant. i posted the claim.
      but i saw that a person after me has claimed it too, so how do you work that out?
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