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  • I don't really know what to say, other than the fact that I've noticed you're not feeling better last we spoken. And on top of that, it's worse.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is; I hope you feel better soon.
    Hello there, I was recently in the claim a pokemon thread and saw that Cyndaquil was unclaimed due to inactivity and was wondering if I could claim it, I know the thread is closed right now but I would really like to change my claim from Geodude to Cyndaquil.

    Old Claim: Geodude---1rkhachatryan---August 13, 2011
    New Claim: Cyndaquil---1rkhachatryan---February 10,2013

    The previous Cyndaquil claimer hasn't been on for a couple of months now.

    Thank you for your time :).
    I was reading that last bit of posts in the claim thread...
    I think I'll drop my claim on Blaziken, so yeah.
    Well, he's not a bad kid, but in the spirit of the name, if I suggested GunsNRosesshipping as a replacement? Otherwise, you should go talk to him yourself.
    Soooo.... someone did submit a name for Michelle/Luxray, but I'm pretty positive they did it without knowledge of your want for it, and it's within rights to get a free pass because of it, but I'm telling you because I know you, so in case you go on your hunt for his head, the name does have its roots.
    You probably heard this a from a million people already, but do ya still need help with the claim a pokemon thread and will it still be opened?
    Hey, I see the claim a poke threads still shut. I assume thats because you never found the people to check it and remove old claims. I'd be happy to do this for any leftover regions if you need the help, tell me if you do k.
    One was a care home and the other was mcdonalds drive thru. Heard back from them yesterday and didn't get either of them.
    I really don't see the point in cheating. I had two job interviews yesterday and was also back at college the same time so I've been mega tired.
    My 2012 didn't end so well because I had an argument with Anthony and I had to deal with my best friend decided to cheat on her fiance with Anthony's best friend so I've had a couple of things to deal with. But I had an amazing christmas and had a nice time on the Wii fit and kindle fire.
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