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  • I get more of an angry villainous Horsea... Bunnelby might turn out amazing.. Ground typing will do it great! I like the overall storyline and aesthetic addition in B/W2 than B/W.. Definitely! Gen 2 was amazing and so was the remake.. But then again the remakes didn't have the wow and the amazement of the original..

    Sometimes I still play Blue version though.. Its fascinating to see how Pokemon games have come to developed throughout the years.. Like from ugly sprites to 3D designs its definitely impressive!!
    Yup! I like Skrelp's design so much. It looks so moody.. I don't really like poison though.. If Froakie turns out to be ninja-esque I really might board its ship. If Vivillon evolves at 7, 10 then it maybe one of the generic weak bugs.. But its alright unless there's another bug. I tend to use bug types.. Lol Bunnelby looks like a pimp/gigolo bunny.. It looks so derpy! I think gen 5 play through wise its up there par with gen 2. The only thing about Gen 5 was the underwhelming Pokemon.. I only found a few Pokemon that I really like.. But in my opinion its one of the best play through especially B2/W2 it was quite long of a journey!
    Hey that's no problem! Right now I plan on getting Fennekin, but just as you, I'm might choose Froakie instead.. I'm just waiting for their final evolution.. I'm having Skrelp and Vivillon for my team. I find Bunnelby interesting but I think its a normal type.. I'm not sure though..

    The unknown new Pokemon is quite interesting so I might have it as well..

    I can't wait.
    Dude you should reply on my profile..

    I wouldn't know you replied had I not checked your profile..

    Same here! Xerneas looks cooler than Yvetal.. Which starter you'll be choosing? Any planned team?
    Hey man!

    What's up?

    Adding more friends to trade and battle with when X & Y hit the store!

    Which version are you getting?
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