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  • Hey WBR, can you help me with something? You know OL2000 in real, right? Can you ask her when she's coming back to the forum? I miss her! ;-;
    When I made the MLP RP, I posted about it in the MLP club. But did you know that after this I plan on making...A PHEONIX WRIGHT RP? And I'm gonna post about THAT in the Ace Attorney club thread when its released. Of course, that's gonna be a while from now, as I plan on finishing this RP first of course.

    What do you think of that by the way? I'm thinking of having four kinds of roles: Defense Attorneys, Prosocutors, Detectives, and Assisstants.
    Hello there random person! I'm just here to look for potential members for an RP of mine, Excavation. You are being VMed because you participated in the RP Alternate: The Uprising, which was developed by Neo Pikachu, and I was wondering if you would be interested in another RP co-developed by him. The sign-up is here if you are interested, and I won't bother you any further if not.


    Yes, that is a generic message I'm sending up there, but on a personal note, you were also attached to that zombie RP that failed miserably. If you can help me now, the same won't happen to this RP. So please?
    What pokemon game do you have?
    I'm getting mine right now but it's setting up my internet.
    No Sorry! I meant a thread like Project Legends. Say? Have you gotten your Darkrai yet?
    How do you make a forum? Like I want to make my own roleplaying forum. And I hope Rotom looks at my 2nd time revised and edited sign up. He like ours that we edited together about 75% I suppouse.
    Oh my gosh. So sorry........ I feel so bad. Anime sweat on side of head and rubs back of head with hand* Tiny forced laughter* What's going on hmm.... How about Winter?
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