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  • thanks a lot =). its okay, the extra dratini is cool. i didnt know if you still wanted to trade pokes after that, i was just throwing up pokemon haha.
    oh, well i dont want to trade you anything you have already. got any new wants? and yes, i can trade at that time.
    hmm. well i cant check the status of it right now, so how about you put up a poke and i will trade it tomorrow as well as putting up a new poke if my patrat has been traded.
    hmm. maybe, but i doubt it. i mean i wanted larvesta, so that would mean someone else REALLY wanted a patrat. or maybe a lot of people put up patrats for trade today.
    sweet. i will send the patrat tomorrow at the same time. details are in the pm. by the way, great idea :)
    well i have school tuesday, wednesday, and thursday in the mornings. saturday at 2 pm your time? if so it would be 4 pm here and that could work.
    I'm still interested. I am sorry for not getting back to you, my computer died and I just got it back. Snivy is mild and Piplup is jolly.
    Yup it is, I can send you a screenshot of it if you want.
    Don't worry, that happens, I'd just ask you to pokecheck your pokémons before trading to check if they aren't hacks. I always use it and helps me a LOT.
    listen. i have to go outside to use wifi and where i live it is going to be raining like there is no tomorrow sunday night until wednesday, so is there any possible way we can do the trade sunday anywhere from 1:30 pm to 3:30? your time is 2 hours earlier than mine, so if you went it at 1:30 pm it would be 3:30 pm where i am and so on and so on.
    thanks. when you sent me the VM, what time was it where you live? 5:34 pm, 6:34 pm, or 8:34 pm?
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