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  • Sorry, about all this. I know several people have done it already, but I too will be dropping out. My whole sign up is finished, but I will be honestly lacking time during these two weeks due to the fact that finals are approaching and my teachers love to dump on assignments a week before Thanksgiving break starts. I thought I could handle both these things (along with various clubs and activities), but well, things change. I'm sorry about contacting you so late, but it was only tonight that I've been able to go on the computer freely. My time is very limited, and I have a feeling that after Thanksgiving, its just going to go on downward spiral due to finals and AP exams after that, so me participating in the RPG isn't going to be the best thing on my plate.
    Your recent post in the debate forum was one of the best I've ever read. Good job.
    Sorry to take so long to respond. Yes, I am still interested and am working on my SU even as I type this. I should hopefully be able to post it soon.
    I'm sorry. I've had the internet out for awhile and it will probably go out soon again. It was unfair of me to tell you I would've had my reservation up.

    I cannot get my reservation in, sorry again =(
    I wasn't even thinking of anything to important besides I was thinking of making them very vague, in the form of flashes of still image or something like that, but yeah if you were to want me to have an important vision I could do that we would just have to coordinate it i'll get working on the SU soon
    I think I can do that, quick question though would having a spiritual power of being of very limited prediction or foresight as in seeing snipets of the future be reasonable, because I'm confident I can build a respectable SU around that.
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