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  • Aha, I'm actually doing like my third restart of the pysical description. For some reason I can't seem to put out something that fits my mental description.

    Don't worry, I will get it up either soon, later tonight, or up tommorow.
    Oh-no it is! Hhmm...I guess I am judging American people from my own personal experience with them. I only really see American people on TV like on a show called 'My Baby is a Monkey' or 'Rich kids go to beach and cry about how difficult there life is' so I guess TV actually plays a giant part in the representation of other countries.

    Well I would just like to apologies for my little hypocritical moment there; obviously I know not to judge a country based on a few people.
    I just posted that thanks for pointing it out. I was also going to edit my post shortly after I made it (serebii lagg) and say that although I do have that view on American comedy I still do find it funny. Also the American family tradition stuff I said that I admire.

    Anyway I hope you don't think I'm some narrow-minded bigot. Also don't worry British people don't make many bitter generalisations lol.
    Cool. Thanks!

    I've always payed with the idea of a job that specializes against Laguz; it seems predictable, but it never happened in the game, I believe.
    Hey, just wanted to ask if it's okay with you if Emile and Aliea could have a support relationship. They both like being rich, and they're a bit similar in terms of being witty (somewhat in Allie's case).
    What, you did?! Oh snap.

    God, that game was so screwed up. But, damn it, I liked it. Controls aside, but are controls ever good in horror games?
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