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  • Starter Ideas:

    Buizel, Sableye, Chatot, Meowth, Wooper, Cacnea, Sunkern. Perhaps my own regional variant?
    I'm biased for Sableye but, of course, it should be appropriate for what you're going for (aka pick it because it matches the Trainer or pick it because it doesn't match and thus subverts expectations/is funny).
    Ok, ok, ok. Idea for my own pokémon story, though it's a long series, rather than just one story.

    Protagonist begins as a teenager. He/she doesn't really know what they want in life, so they try out a standard pokémon journey, and over the course of the series, they slowly change their thoughts to researching and stuff. By the end, they become a researcher, and there's detective stuff as well.
    Pokémon Crystal update part 6.
    Trained Psyduck, made my way through Ilex Forest, battled trainers and caught more pokémon on route 34, entered Goldenrod. Obtained the coin case underground.
    Pokémon Crystal update part 5.
    Part 5 - Defeated Team Rocket in the Well, earned my second badge, and defeated Silver a second time. Caught many pokémon in Ilex Forest, gained HM Cut, and caught our third team member.
    Pokémon Crystal update part 4.
    Headed south, catching a few more pokémon. Defeated many trainers and entered Union Cave. Picked up some items, landed a Magikarp, and reached Azalea Town.
    Pokémon Crystal update part 3.
    Caught a Bellsprout and headed into Violet City. Fought through the Sprout Tower and obtained the HM Flash. Trained the team and caught another Bellsprout to trade for an Onix. Took on the Violet City gym and defeated the gym leader, Falkner, earning the first badge. Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava. Explored the ruins of Alph and caught an Unown.
    Pokémon Crystal update part 2.
    Caught my second team member, Spinarak, and trained before heading north of Cherrygrove, battling Joey and catching a few more pokémon. Wandered around in the grass, took a peek into the Dark Cave, and battled a bug trainer before taking a rest outside Violet City. Need to train a bit more for the gym.
    I MIGHT. MIGHT. Be working on a pokémon story of my own. Was thinking about a story focusing on a researcher rather than a trainer. Getting ideas for their pokémon they might catch. But there are too many I like. Hnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
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    As a fellow writer, I wish you luck!
    Hello to you :3 Starter ideas are Meowth and Buizel so far.
    What is their backstory and what do they research? It might help to tie their starter (and later) Pokémon to them.
    UPDATED MY SIG YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. In other news, Team Gold has failed to return, so now Team Brave will defeat the mighty Groudon!! ROAR!
    Team Brave's new base is finally complete! The critters in Uproar Forest are quite strong, too. Aipom, Venonat and Nuzlead are now members!
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