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  • up for a battle
    fc=3008 0452 5850
    i will battle anyone
    tired of sitting here doing nothing lol
    message back so i know u want to
    And if you KNOW they're so bad. If you KNOW they need work. WORK ON THE DAMN THINGS. You keep making up more excuses than even I did about not wanting a beta! And I had a reason for not wanting one!

    You have no reason for such glaring and trivial grammar, spelling, action and interaction errors!

    You don't want to get better, you just want Teh mindless praizors!

    So fine- you can have your bedamned mindless praise and your fic can rot, I gave you advice, Breezy gave you advice, if you don't want to take it, fine. Don't.
    "Show me a story with out chiches and I'll show you an incomplete story"
    There is a difference.

    YOU. USED. THEM. POORLY. And I mean poorly in the it's so expected you didn't even get slightly surprised it was going to happen when it happens, poorly. The, you say it and five seconds later- no not even then, it happens.

    This isn't the I told you sooooo taunt coming to haunt someone- which would have been surprising if a brute caught her alone and did this to her and she suddenly was without protection with those biting words in the back of her mind. This is Anime cliche.

    [part one]
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