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  • Hey, your gonna feel a milion times better tommorow, I'm sorry.. And I don't need to hear that I'm a drama queen (not from you) but from other people, or that I'm the hero. And if you don't feel better, I may have to go over to your house and give you a hug :O ;)
    i laughed a little too hard, because i started coughing uncontrollably, and i collapsed. I'm okay, i just feel worse.
    Hahaha, it's nice to hear you had a somewhat exciting day. Try water if you starts coughing uncontrolaby, it helps xD High School is such a drag for me >.> But I shouldn't be complaining cause you have been down, and it must be hard with your aquantances... Hey, if your on, try your best to come on the chat, so I can help you :3 I'll be on for the mojority of the day, since I need a break and I wanna help you ;D
    DYING?!? Lilly, don't die on me, ok? I never wanna hear you say your gonna die! Remember your goals in life, dreams, everything you want to accomplish. You can never let that all a-go. Not now at most, if you tell me what's bothering you, even if you can't describe what your are feeling, communication is the best thing to do. Otherwise no prgress will be made at all. And if you don't wanna talk to me, talk to Mitch or whatever so long as you don't die!
    Lilly *cradles her* It's ok. Please trust your brother when he says this: Andrew does love you. Don't become like me. I'm here for you and Andrew most certainly is as well. He would never want anything bad to happen to you.
    talk to Andrew up front. Trust me when I say he still loves you, ok?
    Yeah Lilly you know how easy I am, tell me what's up and I'll help in anyway possible, even you have to go to measures as breaking up with me or leaving Serebii. And of course, I still love you and I understand like you said that it "may" not last.. But it can, Lilly :) If you want it to..
    Well, that's how I felt this last week. All you have to do is smile, and press forward. But at the same time, make the effort to talk to Andrew up front. Trust me when I say he still loves you, ok?
    I'm sorry Lilly v.v Tell me how I can help you feel better, if you feel bad or anything. I probally really wasn't helping the situation nor am I keeping my promise on helping you through the thick and thin..
    Lol fainting is kinda funny but also dangerous. But out of every person in the world you faint. lol xD
    Ok, tell me your feelings. I don't want you to turn into me, so I really want to help.
    Look, I highly doubt you believe me, but that's the truth really, and don't worry, my whole life doesn't revolve around that, it's just something I do in my spare time or if someone needs me. ._.

    EDIT: So just tell me if you think I'm full of crap or not v.v The agony is killing me, but take your time if ya wanna, I understand... Btw it has nothing to do with my religon like I'm some God or something, since I'm Cathlic...
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