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  • I have managed to get WiFi working (somehow... o,o) so if you want, you can have a Shaymin. I'm not too bothered about what I get, but if you have a Croagunk with any berry between 28-31, I'd be really happy.
    You should get one. Dont give up the games then I still have my DS lite just for that. But the DSi is awesome. You should get one if your DS is messed up like that. And awesome on the belts good luck with your next one.
    really, i was gonna get one, but then my old ds got a HUGE crack in the screen, and i just wasn't ready to give up my old advanced games yet. No, it wasn't very hard to get my yellow belt, i took me about a month. my next belt is a camo belt, then i get to SPAR(fight)!
    Oh cool. I didnt even know about the war lol. And thats awesome about being a Yellow belt now. Was it hard? And whats your next rank? I got me a Dsi and its so cool and gonna go play baseball on Saturday.
    well, Red, i was just notified by fashionable lad that team dawn will be havin a war in a week or so, so i really need to prepare my team if i wanna get in on it. I also just got my YELLOW belt in taekwondo. Whats up with u?
    Well thanks for being my friend. And good luck to you as well. So whats up with you right now?
    Hey I saw you looked at my profile and read that your a member of Team Dawn like me so I just thought we should be friends. We clan members should stick together lol.
    No don't worry, I am a member and will always be along side with my twin brother. Dawn banned Clone1 and I because we recruited my cousin. When I went to his house to help him I logged on to the chat site and told some of my friends on their where I was. When I left my cousin's house, I never logged out of the Team Site. Then when my cousin joined, he said he was logged in as me for some odd reason. Then Dawn assumed we we were all one person XD. He banned us for a week just so we could get our stories straight and such. I didn't do anything wrong either. I'm a very nice sensative person. But the thing to know is, I'm a member of Team Dawn and I have a twin brother named Clone1 (I know it sounds ironic with a name like that but he named his profile that because it is his nickname in school) and Pokem@niac is my cousin. So, don't be sad, I'm on Team Dawn. Hope to see you their. :D My twin will be their as well.
    Nice new profile avatar. Welcome to Team Dawn by the way. I also accepted your friend request :) If you need help with anything ever, PM me.
    Hey Wannabelilly. I don't know if you saw but I posted on the Team Dawn thread what you have to fill out in order to join the team. There are no entrance exams so don't worry. :)
    oh, welll that sucks. =( thats okay, its not like its ur fault. Do u have pokemon platinum? if so, how far are u in it and wut is ur current team?
    Yeah, just visited your page, to see your pic.

    I'd offer to give you one, but my Wi-Fi is being evil. It won't let me connect for more than 20 seconds. I'm thinking the DS's wireless might be dying :(
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