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  • So I'm not a freak, just a little messed up in the head? xD Ask Serris even about it, he can tell you LOTS of stuuf about the other me (but he's not educated or is one of "us")
    Liek OMG :D Lily your on. xD Andrew will be coming in just a sec. So wait did Andrew tell you already? He probably forgot to mention that Nick is like Andrew and I too. xD I give you more info on it later. Btw we were at my cousins party the whole day, that's why we didn't respond. ;)
    Lilly, I'm really sorry, there is something I need to tell you and something I have to explain to you sooner or later, I don't know how well you will take this, but you can call me a freak or break up with me after, what I'm about to tell you in a upcoming PM is the other life Alexander and I have. btw I would never break up with you, Lilly D:
    Lol, I understand. The anger problems kinda add onto the irony of me having fire power, so it works out. ^^
    ZOMG!! Thanks Lily for starring Andrew and I in the manga's first chapter. It was awesome. ^^
    Cool and yeah xD sorry it's taking long. I worked everything out with Kitty btw xD Can't wait to see it :D And if i see you on the chat it'll be easier, if you get me xD
    Oh that sounds cool Lily and come on Advent right now! Btw the drawings are coming out really good. I just can't find the time to draw more. xP
    Sorry, I got busy after History since I didn't have Study Hall yesterday. I'll send it ASAP when I get home, I'm sorry for the wait :(
    *Comes back screaming* That was the longest day of my life.. It's even going to be longer tommorow, since I have Violin in the morning AND soccer in the afternoon again xD Also, I have a Rotating Scheduale, which means out of the 11 classes, I have 9 a day and it just goes in a circle almost. Other than that, it was actually not half bad. Alexander and I got lot's of attenteion since we are both twins in the same classes xD
    *sigh* School is tommorow, if you have a chance to get on the chat aropund 8 or 9 I really wanna talk to you before it starts =)
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