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  • so the chimchar were the right one even though his date is earlier then the date on the screen shot?
    about porygon, i haven't received it from Crobatowns but i gonna get togekiss and vaporeon from other users from other users, so if you get croajunk, mamoswine or other starters please let me know :)
    Doubt it, since I probably will go ahead and buy my own Multi-player guidebook. There are way too many interesting things I want to know about all those stuffs, so... ._."
    LoL! Yep! Back from China. LoL! The Land of Slippery money. Anyways, hows Burmy? Oh and awesome! Good luck with the other exams. I myself is in school again for 10 more months. Hurrah.
    Hmm , The repel trick . It's hard to explain lol XD first , the use of the repel is to evade "weak" pokemon , so if you have a level 30 pokemon and is first in the party and you use the repel trick in an area of pokemons level 28-31, you will only see pokemons which are level 30-31.. :)
    dw charmander n bulba are Mat 30160, dw mudkip is from my jap friend 47070, all in dream ball, no proof just referr u 2 the ppl who i traded them with
    i have the most of them, if you have a specific one you want tell me and i'll check if i have it or not, my friend coming to my house soon and then i have to do a favor for my dad so i'll write you the list of the get to catch them all events i have.
    i have a few PCNY, wish events, hadou regis, pokepark events, saikyou events, palcity events, get to carch them all events, movie events,birthday events, TRU events and a lot more...
    i think i have almost any event from 3&4 gen events (besides all the 2011 and some 2010 ones)
    i collect the same event with a different language too as well, that why i have so many.
    you can ask for specific events and i'll check if i have it or not.
    nope, my dw espeon, glaceon and leafeon are english ones. i have a dw squirtle but i'm not sure if legit or not, i have no proof of legitimacy for him and he caught with pokeball and not dream ball.
    did 3&4 gen events interesting you? i have a lot of events in my pearl, but i have only 1 DS so i can't pokeshift them..
    i'm not sure if i'll get another dw staters soon, is there other stuff that interesting you?
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