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    I've gotten some more this week too. And I got the first book in the warriors series today as well. I hardly ever go to a mall or barnes and noble and the times that I do I hardly have money for the books. I also got the remaining books in the olympians series.
    Good, I've been at school for the past two weeks and I'll be returning today not sure when I'll be back, but it ain't next weekend I know that. I got some new books 6 total this weekend, a watch and some dress shirts. I got a new watch because it was cheaper than buying a wrist band for it. And 5 books I got were under $10 total. the other one I got was $6. They being 5 of them from the left behind series and the sixth being the lightning thief.
    I think I can tak....Wait...No...What are yo....No.Stop! Don.....AAAAHHHHHHHh!!!.......They're raping Wii! They're raping me and it huuuurts!
    hey I just whacked one lone Wii-man mutant who was trying to do it to mah couch. You wouldn't have anything to do with it, hm?
    so? I'll just tell mah friends to buy rubbers and people I don't know aren't my concern XD

    I'm not gonna take the job as hero, no pay. the rule is; if you're good at something, never do it for free
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