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  • Welp, the trade for the Genesect didn't go through, so you still have a chance if you're still interested.
    Quite fine :p If ya like I can check them as well *shrugs* As long as a trade goes on you'll be removed from the list and what have you :p
    x3 Well my list has updated a touch (still in my shop if ya want to take a look) but honestly, throw anything up there that could equal out to a shiny/legend/flawless or its parts (Such as a shiny, a flawless and a legend. / A flawless shiny and a legend)

    I'm pretty open to how you do it, as long as it's equivalent to what was lost (shiny flawless legend). :3
    After going through my pokemon with a fine tooth comb I've discovered that the Shiny Flawless Articuno you traded me is hacked

    I request a replacement pokemon and will be adding you to the 'Warning' list in my Shop until this matter is resolved.

    UT FLAWLESS Meloetta Naive and UT FAL2010 Mew FLAWLESS (mine) for Shiny Flawless Articuno, WISHMKR Jirachi (31 defense/spatt 30 spdef), GAMESTP dogs (warpkun)
    Could you tell me everything about that shiny jirachi? I might have that one :p could you just give me the stats on the ones that aren't flawless for me to check? (Except for level 1 or something) I also would like to know the characteristics of them all (put the non-shiny jirachi in too, please.) And I know that AR can fake any pokemon, but I can tell if it's most likely real or fake. And the clones is just because I want to know for fair trades and in some cases it makes them extremely rare. Uncloned is simply worth more to me. Please get me the rest of the info :)
    Could you tell me what pokemon of yours are cloned and not cloned, especially the shiny jirachi? I'll bold the ones that I want ALL info on. Like UT/T, source, cloned, IVs/Stats if you can't calculate IVs, EVs if any, nature, and anything else important really.

    Jirachi shiny and non shiny Wishmkr
    Jirachi NOK
    Deoxys NOK
    Flawless Shiny Articuno
    Flawless Shiny Azelf
    Shiny Dark Rai Moon event
    Shiny Charmander Nok
    Shiny N. Rayquaza
    Shiny YOTD Horsea got most the YOTDs(year of the dragon...all shiny events)
    DW Lugia

    Thanks, and I hope we can arrange something :)
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