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Recent content by WarriorX

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    Ash is not serious with Sinnoh League

    Ash shouldn't have to count on Charizard to win every battle.
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    Please ban the guy below me. Obvious spamming troll..

    Please ban the guy below me. Obvious spamming troll..
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    I think Gliscor should have this moveset: Giga Impact, Fire Fang, X-Scissor, and Earth Power
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    DP 189: Semifinals

    I hope Ash doesn't lose in semifinal, but it's what I see happening. I expect the battle to go something like this: Ash beats Takuto's first four pokemon, recalling when he beats one. Then Darkrai comes and takes out 4 of Ash's (the ones that already got wins). Then Heracross KOs Darkrai...
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    Top 3 stand

    I think Ash will lose the Semifinals and that will be the end of it. No more battles, except maybe Ash vs. Gary or something in Pallet.
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    Wow, this is the most noobish comment I have EVER seen in my life! LOL! Satoshi is Ash's romanized Japanese name. lol.
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    Why do the Writers make Pokémon who "won't evolve?" or just don't evolve

    Why do the Writers make Pokémon who "won't evolve?" or just don't evolve I am confused as to why the writers of the animé make Pokémon like Pikachu and Piplup not evolve (Also pokémon like Totodile, Gible who aren't evolved). The animé's main purpose is supposed to advertise the games...
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    Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors

    Awesome. Finally, the U.S. gets the 13th season! Can't wait to hear to opening in English!
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    Pokémon in your area

    Ugh, lots of Venonat, Ariados, and Beedrill in my backyard. Some Starly, Swellow, as well.
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    Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

    1. Pokégear calls 2. Farfetch'd puzzle 3. NO VS. SEEKER... 4. Unobtainable pokémon
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    Interesting move selection

    Snorlax with Selfdestruct. LOL!
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    Why so much screentime for Infernape? Did Ash realised his outhers pokemons?

    I like Infernape, but I want the others to get screentime too. Torterra needs wins badly, as do Gible and Buizel. I'm not worried about Staraptor, as it proved itself to be strong during the Full Battle.
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    Is Dawn destined to.... (spoilers)

    I think Dawn will leave after the league, not in DP 180.
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    DP 182: Ash's Pokemons

    Yeah, openings generally don't spoil everything. Like, since Cyndaquil --> Quilava wasn't shown, maybe we could get a Totodile, Buizel, Corphish, or Gible evo as well.
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    Is it pointless to EV train now that Gen5 is comming?

    If you're a serious competitive battler then you will continue to EV train.