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  • they are both good. dragonite has extreme speed, special moves and multi scale, but haxorus usnt flying, has rivalry/mold breaker and higher attack. depends which you like really.
    Hey. Sorry to hear about you leaving. If you want a battle then I could do a couple. I don't know if you have been keeping up with the Galactic Files, but my new chapter, Dos, is now up. If you do read it can you please review it too?
    bullet seed, crunch , crush claw, double kick, dragon breath, grasswhistle , leaf storm ,leech seed, magical leaf , maybe mudsport, natural gift, maybe razor wind, synthesis, worry seed
    Thank you ^^ If you need something else with those egg moves let me know. Or if you still need a eggmove chimchar I can look into that one.
    The next one on my search list is a certain shiny <--- Unrelated to the above offers, those would be freebies.
    I'll give it a try, though it'll take a long time because I need to hatch a female per move bred down to pass that along to the next one.
    The celebi doesn't work, I believe you need the Win2011 celebi for it.
    I can breed baton pass, crush claw, curse, endure, flameburst, last resort, low kick or nightslash onto Torchic. Though a female would take a while to breed.
    Oh does any Celebi work? If so then yes it's unused, it doesn't have the "Celebi met its friend Zoroa" line in its info.
    They have no egg moves, I haven't really bothered before. But if you let me know what you're looking for I can look into breeding egg moves.
    I have an Uxie, Azelf (jp), Latios, Victini (liberty pass), Virizion (jp), Mewtwo, Zekrom and Celebi (2006 JP) up for trade. Pokemon I can breed are in my sig.
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