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  • You know, I'm really trying to find me a DW Pachirisu right now. (Volt Absorb I think it is), but those things are rare so I haven't a clue. Don't really need anything else at the moment.
    I has a Trapinch for you again!

    (Well, almost. Gotta wake 'im up first, get him saddled with his Yache Berry, but...)
    Well, as long ar you didn't use an AR to get them (which obviously you didn't) that should be fair... Blaziken is a little shaky, but truth be told, I would say it's fine.

    I use jap. only event pokes, I don't use stuff from HG/SS, but I don't care if you do, and if you want to use the OU blaziken, that's fine with me :D
    6v6, you probably need level 100. BTW, hope I'm not offending you by the way I'm talking about the rules. I've never seen you battle before, nor have I seen you around the clan much, so I don't really know how much experience you have...

    Will tomorrow or wednesday work? I have to sleep now.
    Single, no wonder launcher, OU or less, no swiftswim/drizzle combos or similar stuff... stupid things (like FEAR) not allowed... and that's pretty much it!
    No honestly. Glover was Dad's suggestion for a character name for the Hero in Colosseum, before I knew about the fiction behind Wes and Rui. Where he got it, I have no idea. Why, is there a Glover somewheres?
    So, I had a thought, if this is pre-league, there's two problems with your premise. One, Glover isn't going to know much at all of the Journeymen if Trystan's introduction is pre-Tempest and Professor X Not only that, but Trystan himself wouldn't be a part of the League or be able to use Glover as a character reference as such if this is about Trystan pre-his joining the Journeymen, so even if Glover was a member of the League by then, he wouldn't know anything about Trystan unless they met up in Orre somewhere prior to his being arrested by Sherles. Which IS possible, and I'm not trying to chase you off of Orre, just getting the facts straight is all.
    Not at all. We have no travel rerstriction on the Orre region. Just be ware the ruffians.

    And if you need to get Tystan out of a tight spot, send him over. I've a few rounds to talk to, but there's plenty of room for a conversation with ya.
    I was about to post pretty much what glover said. But I think I'll just elaborate. "Figure out what our characters are like". The fact that you have everyone sort of fawning over him from your perspective is a magnet for a bit of backlash. And sad but true, at least most of the people there would do no such thing. For example, Becca wouldn't ask about Trysten's backstory. Becca's character is severely messed up psychologically, not to mention addicted to narcotics. She's about as likely to ask "What's your backstory, Trysten" as she is to suddenly start making out with Dave. Same thing with Cole. When you talked to him, in that situation, Cole would probably have not even noticed him, or given the brief monosentence answers I've been using for all intercharacter interactions, probably "Shut it, brat" or something in that vein. Or he might have just had it and physically harmed Trysten. He's a dangerous alcoholic. As for your third point, "been through things most adults never will"... *points at Hero's Path, World Turns, Draco's Story/Friends/Quest, Galactic Files, Dark Waters, League of Heroes*

    The problem most people here are having is you've made Trysten into a textbook Gary Stu. And if there's one thing fic writers love to do, it's to have a Stu Roast.
    @ Glover yeah I understand I was going to go back and edit since I had to leave, but then everyone thought it would be fun to pick on the new guy and that's not a problem do whatever you guys can use my character just make sure you know what my character is like before you do please. I was trying not to let out to much about him before keyword BEFORE I post my first chapter of my story which will start roughly two years before the party and will continue through the present. A couple of things if your going to use my character:
    1. He's not one to brag and he's not going to bug people to look at his sword there is a good reason why it never leaves his side and it will be revealed in my story. Yes I am writing a story and I'm planning on calling it "Birth of a Hero" and I'm hoping to get the first chapter posted this week, but I'll have to see with my school.
    2. He hardly knows anyone since he's new and he's trying to observe everyone that's why I had him go and talk to the characters of the people I talk to the most. So he's just observing everyone.
    3. He's 15 probably the youngest in the group so let up on him he's not an adult, but he's been through a lot more than most adults ever will.
    Gonna pull this out of themain thread, but that's pprecisely my point. Although I think part of it is a snowball effect of people doing thisnag and others havign to respond to that.
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