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  • Also just in, offering a huge stock of surfchu/flychu! also check the shiny post below. pm me, please do not write on this wall
    Offering the following shinies ]
    raticate,, shaymin<<movie 08), dustox, fearow, golem, pidgeotto, gengar, pikachu, golbat, dusclops, linoone, jolteon, grumpig, nidorina, slowking, jumpff, wailmur, arbok, beedrill, dragonair, ledian, smeargle, victreebell, weedle, weavile, prinlup, floatezel, groudon (ss), swampert, wartortle, haunter, grovyle, palkia, gibble, lugia, shelgon, croconaw, latios, typhlosion, bayleef, blaziken, delibird, prinlup, latias, slugma, golduck, manectric, wigglytuff, steelix, bunery, gyrados(NOT LAKE OF RAGE), electivire, raichu, spiritomb,

    Offering the following UT SHINIES
    riolu, dialga, phione, cressila, , regigigas, shinx, larvitar, dratini, anorith, bulbasaur,pcp,mankey, mime jr, mantyne, hoppip, shieldon, caterpie, bagon buneary,porygon, pelipper, unown g, krabby, wooper, paras, snubbull, stunky, relicanth, goldeen, nidoran m, chatot, drowzee, bidoof, pachirisu, miltank, wurmple, magnemite, ralts, tentacool, girafarig, ponyta, shuppet, nidoran f, eevee, gligar, magikarp, elektrike, snorunt, lickitung, sneseal, meditite, corsola, zubat, snorlax, tangela, tentacruel, budew, golduck, octillery, phanphy, , machop,

    Pm me for additional details, do not write on wall
    Shiny Roster: Last Updated April 11th
    Some will trade easier than others, as i dont like them, or wasnt impressed
    E-Easier trade GO-Good offer NT-Not trading

    Lv. 3 Mankey *Mild (E)
    Lv. 23 Houndour *Relaxed (GO)
    Lv. 30 Pichu *Jolly (GO/E)

    Lv. 22 Lileep *Lax (E)
    Lv. 31 Gyrados *Calm (E)
    Lv. 33 Golem *Jolly (GO) -Not touched, but evolved
    Lv. 38 Ninetales *Hardy (GO)
    Lv. 40 Luxray *Adament (GO)
    Lv. 55 Marowak *Timid (E)

    (normally, unless you blow my mind with something i cant resist)
    Lv. 26 Wartortle
    Lv. 22 Nidorino
    Lv. 35 Latios
    Lv. 60 Mew
    Lv. 100 Charizard
    Lv. 22 Nidorino
    So far, yeah.
    He's very picky with what he'll want though. He is very adamant about getting a shiny for his shiny. (It's kind of scary for me to haggle and trade it for him. I don't want to offend anyone.. XD)
    no i dont but you deleting my stuff, lol just because its not pokerelated,
    lol, just because i do not talk about it all the timee haha.
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