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  • Fate and Destiny of Friends is the very first PokeShipping fanfic I've ever read, and I love it! Please finish!!! Please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've inspired me, I might write one of my own one of these days ;) You're so talented! Please keep writing!!! Please!!!
    Hey Girl! Guess what? I've got a boyfirend now! and he's perfert for me! he's a computer science major, want to make video games, he even knows japanese and has lived in japan! He love anime and pokemon and once asked me if Ash and Misty ever got together!

    It sad that after all this time Misty never revealed that she like Ash but even if she didn't return in pallet I still think she likes him, some say due to a shudo (old pokemon director) article saying Pokeshipping never existed that Misty never loved Ash but you know I think I wouldn't have become a pokeshipper if there was no hints in the first place so I knew it did once exist on the show, and I happy for that.

    I don't know if you remember I was once suicidal over PS, well now I've got dreams on creating a free anime and learn japanese, I'm still holding on the pokeshipping but learning to let go of it so I don't get down, I'm feeling stronger and I'm not getting depressed anymore, I've change so much since 2005 and I know that your words of advice have helped me.

    Anyway hope things are going well for you!

    Seriously... I lost 2 days of sleep reading your fan fiction from end to end... Now i wanna read more... good job on it
    Hey there, I started reading FADOF in 2004. I have been reading your story for 5 years, wondering how it will end.

    I really do hope that you provide an ending for such a fantastic story
    omg, we talked talked in forever. I hope you're okay, Tara! ;o; ♥ I hope you'll update on LJ sometime again! I missed reading your entries. ;__;

    Take care & Happy Belated Birthday! ♥
    Happy belated b-day WS! ^_^ I haven't been on for a few days, lol! :p How've things been going? Haven't talked to u in FOREVER!!! Hope all is well, take care! ^_^

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