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Water Spirit
Last Activity:
Feb 9, 2018
May 25, 2004
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January 28
In the depths of creativity...

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Water Spirit

~*Animus Aquae*~, from In the depths of creativity...

Water Spirit was last seen:
Feb 9, 2018
    1. shadow_shipper
      Heh, Merry Christmas ^^
      Can I have a present for Christmas ? Can you post the last FADOF chapter ? It hurts not knowing what goes on...

      Best wishes to you and your loved ones, and until the next time our paths cross, I wish you all the best =)
    2. eevee worshiper
      eevee worshiper
      I ove your name it reminds me of spirited away.... Also I LOVE vaporeon and your avi
    3. Sparks_The_Pachirisu
      I like your name,Water Spirit,it sounds like a mystery book some how
    4. PokeTech 493
      PokeTech 493
      Hi Water Spirit, I just joined this forum and I just wanted to say that I think that you're an amazing writer and I really enjoyed reading your AAML story "Fate and Destiny of Friends" and I can't wait for Chapter 32. Keep up the good work. ^^
    5. Nathan Madien
      Nathan Madien
      Hey there, WS. How are things? ^^
    6. Mandude
      Hey where ya been? Your Fatales last gym battle!
    7. lilbluecorsola
      I think they went okay. At least I hope they did. ^^; Finals are coming up next week too. o.o

      Yummy. <3
    8. Blazing Charmander
      Blazing Charmander
      Yeah, i can imagine that at 19/20, you start to feel you're not a kid anymore but are entering adulthood. I guess that becoming 21 feels like the start of a new era :D.

      Anyway, of course i'll tell you what i've been studying - Philosophy, Psychology, Photography and History. I feel that i've done well in all exams except for Psychology, which i'll be dropping anyway lol. But as you say, 6th Form is a time to cherish. I have a great laugh with my mates there, but more importantly manage to balance that with the work constraints ;). As for uni, i have yet to make a decision about going. I'll be viewing Birmingham on the Open Day for starters, but I guess that my final decision will depend on what i wanna take up for a career.

      I bet you will be so pleased once summer comes around - as will I lol. It'll be much deserved for you considering he amount of work you will have done this year. And thanks for the heads up about the summer work. :) I wouldn't have seen that coming to be honest so I will now be braced for any potential work. But as you say, next year will be the ultimate incentive and prize hehe.

      I've now finished all exams, so i'll be making the most of my time off til late June (when I have to go back from study leave) to relax, I hope lol.

      Anyway, I hope that all goes well for you on your English course (I can relate to the lack of time you're appearing to have on your hands), and hope all goes well at uni for you :D. Speak to you soon.
    9. shadow_shipper
      I'm really in a hectic mood right now, since I'm up to my head in revision for my exams ^^' Three years of maths, advanced maths, physics, german, french and english tested in five days ._.
      But besides that, I'm doing fine, healthy and stuff like that :)

      I can relate to wanting to do something much more interessting than writng reports lol

      Likewise, hope we'll pull through xD
    10. Cerulean Girl
      Cerulean Girl
      Awwww, thanks so much! ^_^ lol, I dunno, there weren't any cute guys in high school, and I kinda changed my look recently, before I was the girl with the crazy hair and glasses! :P Maybe this year, who knows! I don't really have any guy friends, maybe I'll be more involved in my school or something. Yeah, I've seen the posters for Robin Hood, it's here! The bad thing is, I don't get the BBC channel, it's on a higher package for our Dish, so I can't see it! :( That's cool, season 2 is really good! The cliffhanger is AMAZING!!! I hated it, but loved it cuz it was written so well!

      lol, thanks, I love the British way of saying that! It was a major neck surgery, but she's having a REALLY good recovery, so all is well! ^_^ Thanks so much! You have a great summer too! ^_^ We just got the Wii, so hopefully that will add some fun! I really need to get a job! We're in a recession, so it's harder than ever! :( Alright, take care, I'll ttyl! ^_^

    11. Cap D. Blue
      Cap D. Blue
      Be sure to tell me what you think. I'm always looking for ways to improve. =P
    12. shadow_shipper
      What's up Spirit ? :)
      Thanks for accepting my (late) friend request ^^'

      Anyway, just wanted to post something on your page, maybe ask how you're doing ? How are your various projects coming along ? et caetera, et caetera... ^^
    13. pokemon4eva
      Ive finished the pic WS!:) the art threads on my sig. xXx
    14. pokemon4eva
      I myself am fine, not doing anything too drastic, and your welcome:) i'll tell you when im done, until then stay safe!^^ xXx
    15. Blazing Charmander
      Blazing Charmander
      Why hello there, WS. You can say that again, it's certainly been a long time. I can't believe you're 19 now! How time flies, eh? I feel a lot older just being in 6th form, especially as i've just finished my first year, lol. :D

      Everything's great with me thanks. I haven't really been active on here for the past year or so, but I've just become addicted again hehe. Also just started study leave for my AS levels, so am dedicating a lot of time to revision, and can't wait til it's over xD.

      How are things with you? How are you doing in terms of education?
    16. Cerulean Girl
      Cerulean Girl
      That's awesome! ^_^ Yeah, I know they call it Freshman Year, just like they do in high school (cuz high school has 4 years (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior)) so they keep the names in college too! The only problem with that is sometimes people don't complete college in 4 years, but 5, so that throws it off a bit. I'm gonna be done in 4 years though! ^_^ Oh my gosh, lucky you! ^_^ That's gotta be exciting! ^_^ I wish I had a bf! :( Oh my gosh, that's awesome! Yeah, I dunno how far along Ugly Betty is there, the season finale for season 2 is this Thursday. Season 2 is REALLY good just so you know, I can't wait to see what happens! Hope u have a good summer, yeah, I'm gonna apply to jobs soon, so that's gonna be LOTS of fun! :P Hope ur getaway is awesome! ^_^ I did well on my finals, so thank you very much! ^_^ Now I'm rereading Harry Potter! :P Okay, I gotta get going now, my mom just had surgery, so I'm helping her. TTYL!

    17. lilbluecorsola
      Yep. Mandatory state testing this week.

      Ooh, yay luff! *eats it* <333

      ...What? 83
    18. Cap D. Blue
      Cap D. Blue
      Now you can't say that you don't know about my writing.

    19. ~Mist~
      Oh, my experience is... I don't know, different. I don't feel that independent since my family expects me to call them, let them know ehere I am, what I do, etc. It's kind of like tieing me to a leash. I can roam free but then realize I'm still on that blasted thing. xDDD College is alright; I think it's just my location that makes me crazy sometimes. No... excitement. No fun. o__o The only freedom I have is driving. But yeah, I had my exams. Craaaaaazy. x____x I'm considering going somewhere else but that's a battle I'll have to do with my parents; they like the idea of their beloved daughter always staying by their side. D=

      Like, when I mentioned to them going upstate, they kept saying it was an unwise decision and that if I wanted to attend another college, it should be close to home. So yeah, it's obvious that my parents dread me leaving as well as all my siblings. My birth father and aunt do support me and think it would be better for my own happiness. So, I'm working more often and hoping to raise some money to look around other places. :3
    20. pokemon4eva
      Hey there! hope ur doing ok? what is ur favorite pokemon? coz i want to do a picture on my art thread dedecated to all my favorite members on serebii.
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    In the depths of creativity...
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