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  • Thanks a lot, Waterpokes. It's been nice having you on this forum. I hope you have a nice time with whatever else you start to do now.

    Thanks a lot for being there to keep the game alive when it's been in a bad spot. It might not have lasted this long if it wasn't for you.
    I'll switch my lonely Lugia vote to a Mew vote instead.
    God bless you.
    Daryl and Rick mostly, but I like Glen, Hershel and Maggie, and Tyrese and Michonne are growing on me.
    You like the Walking Dead and your favorite pokemon is Squirtle! Are you a clone of mine?
    Yeah, I am one of those people who felt that the whole Kenny death thing was a bit strange, I don't understand why he didn't just shoot Ben and and run up with Lee. But it was still an emotional thing to watch.

    Out of the game? I'd most likely say Kenny, he goes through a load of trouble through out the game, but his whole transition in the last episode or two was amazing, but I would put Lee in a close second place. Who is your favourite character?
    Oh my god.... Out of all the people I listed before, I am the only one out of them to do all of the same stuff as you!

    So how was your experience with the game? I have to admit it is one of the few games that made me cry manly, yet sensitive, tears.
    Wait, you watch The Walking Dead aswell?

    Awesome, I thought the only fans of it on here were Psiionic, The Meddler and myself.
    Hey, Waterpokes, PDI's going down again, and I was the last to post. Could you help an Octo out and bring it back up?

    Thanks a bunch.
    C'mon waterpokes don't be like that. Survivor should be about the Pokemon, not the competition. That should just be a sideline thing.

    Like for example I would really hate for SC to win this, but I plan on voting Gliscor to win if Crobat gets out. Please help save a good pokemon, don't stop because of a silly competition.
    Well I personally only voted out Quilava because I think it's overrated, and I don't think I voted for Vigoroth at all. And yeah, people generally seem to be more interested in fully-evolved Pokemon, so dedicating an entire set to not fully-evolved Pokemon would repel people because they wouldn't really care who wins in a set that they would probably just consider to be entirely mediocre to begin with. It would be interesting theoretically, but people wouldn't tolerate it.
    No leave Mamoswine alone. it's awesome.

    I'm just saying the amount that someone appears shouldn't affect your votes. It should be based on your favourites. I mean if Squirtle appeared a lot would you complain?
    It usually does get out reasonably early though.

    Also I haven't found Electivire appears THAT much. Reuniclus, Mamoswine, and Herracross appear a lot more tbh.
    Well I try to go after Squirtle because it's my least favourite, then you try to get Electivire out because I voted your favourite even though it's personally my least favourite and not out of any personal reason.
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