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  • Now it looks like everyone in Anime discussion hates me. These people just don't want to listen and just keep on saying same stuff without even listening to anyone else who is saying opposite and has a proof.
    Well I actually didn't did anything this time. I just explained that Dawn vs Ursula was cheap and that moron got over me for that. I am sure he got a infraction or warning too.
    That new guy SpacialRend is new Ash-Kid and I have reasons to believe that he is Ash-Kid with different name though I might be wrong. There can a 1000 of those guys in the world.
    The point here is speed. We know that Ash can harness speed better than bulkiness so water type should be a speedster.
    Would you believe that I got a warning due to Zeno. That son of a ***** don't want to listen to anyone and still call others biased. Now gotta wait till 24th June for it to expire.

    The left one design is quite similar to Celebi in head area and Flygon in tail area. The middle\top one resembles Turtwig a lot and I have doubt about last one cause it can have a beak or it could be a hand. Main thing is that the water starter should be cool and speedy cause Ash has chances to get it.
    Then its a mystery too. Hoping for some clarification soon.
    So, watched the new starter design? I would say Pokemon company is running out of ideas.
    The people who die are crossed out. Next episode is truly exciting cause summary tells that Lock's motives are finally explained. I always thought he want to kill all candidate so that there is no Jacob and he can leave but things are getting really fishy in here. I am still curious to know why Locke didn't chose the airplane instead of Sub.
    I am not sure about Ben and Richard thought. Hurley blew up all the dynamite present in Barracks so I don't see any reason to believe that they are still looking for it. They might as well have died when Widmore ordered the mortar attack. So the story is deepening when it was supposed to be resolving by now.
    I didn't got one point though. Does the episode told us that Kate is not a candidate cause it will make the story even more complicated.
    Just watched the latest Lost episode and I am thrilled. I am one Candidate is down. I guess the last one standing now will be the new Jacob.
    And one thing I noticed is that alternate time people have better life. John had a nice father. Ben is good and didn't killed his father. And Sun and Jin relationship is quite neat too. Hurley never went to Mental Treatment and many more. I guess the island made their life miserable.
    There was one quiz about what the island is. Its a three letter word with no a,e,i and u in it. Some speculated it as a OWL but we are yet to know.
    And do u have any idea where the hell are Ben and Richard?
    I hope you don't see it. That was the worst thing I saw in years. And I won't watch any further episodes too. Just waiting for DP179 now.
    I see Desmond as more of a Richard than a candidate. And Hurley got a nice life outside the island too unlike Jack and Kate(most prominent candidate to me). As for Sayid I don't think he is still on dark side. But only time will tell.
    The main thing was Hurley talking about turning those people with darkness into normal people. If it is possible then Sayid still can be the candidate otherwise we are one more candidate less apart from John.
    Actually I was quite amazed at Widmore's decision. I mean he is only saving candidates and coming to think of it I am guessing he is still bad person after all.
    They have yet again thrown to us a surprising fact. Everytime I think I know how the story is going they put a twist in it.
    Saw the latest episode? I was hoping that John will assemble all of them but at last Jack was the last recruit. Completely amazing.
    So who do u think should become the next Jacob. There are only four choices left - Sun\Jin, Jack, Kate and Hugo. I can't suggest anything right now cause all of these have excellent life outside the island. Sun\Jin have each other. Kate has Aron. Hugo has a big business and family and Jack has a son.
    Well two leaders finally meet. The episode was awesome. Seriously John and Jack face to face is something which I wished to see from the very start. And the episode very much states that Black Man(John) can't kill Desmond cause he can survive Electromagnetic waves or maybe he is just like a candidate who can't die.
    Well everything is fine but it looks like they are writing off Brock from Anime.

    We got lot of information lately and not all have been good.
    Hey we got a new thread saying that one of Ash's opponent in league will use a legendary Pokemon.

    And Ash-Kid is not recurrent on serebii anymore.
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