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  • I will watch it when I will get some free time. I hope it is nice one cause I am expecting too much now since the end is drawing near.

    Actually I meant the 4th Kira.
    Hey you don't get online these days. I was expecting a reply from you.

    Just watched the Desmond episode and here we got a lot of story unfold. It was a nice episode for a change, better than episodes we are getting for a while like Sawyer one. I hope the latest episode is nice too.

    PS: Your friend is a post count maniac.
    I am playing Diamond again so that I can lose my hate for Piplup by the very end but its impossible. Same goes for Dawn.

    I don't like the new gen player design. I hope the Pokemon of the gen make up for it.
    I haven't watched the latest episode so far but still hoping for some excitement. I think they will wrap up the story quite easily. They are good at it not like the Pokemon people who are rushing things this time round.

    I like the new games. Odd gens are always handful. Pokemart in Pokemon center is a nice idea and at last we got some vehicles. I don't know about the male character cause I can also see the female one but whatever case it is I hope she is better than Dawn. I have huge hopes from this gen.
    Sorry for late reply but I was again off line for few days. Desmond character is fine in my eyes but I was thinking that they should focus more on candidates right now.

    And as everytime, I went off for less than five days and lots of events have surfaced. The most important one was Gen % game. I finally know that there is some person in here who has direct link to Pokemon JP. I met him\her in Gen 5 discussion once but don't remember his\her name.
    I am not a big fan of Desmond either. why did they bring him back. His character is not interesting.

    and don't worry its not Dawn's Lopunny it belongs to Nando and Buneary is not evolving anytime soon.
    Watched the latest episode of Lost? It was fun but not very interesting cause I am not fan of Jin and Sun. Hope Everything is fine.
    And yeah I am back.
    Lucky lol I wont be turning 15 until December 2010 thats quite awhile from here lol! Well The Grand Festival is coming up soon DP probably will end around Dp 200-201
    Guess everything is not fine. I thought lost thread would have at least 10 members by the time I return. There can be two reasons:
    1. There are not many Lost fans here.
    2. We are lacking publicity.
    Watched the latest episode about Richard? Funny.
    Oh yes forgot to answer your question. My choosing a Salamence was a bit random actually. You see, I was playing Mystery Dungeon Blue for quite sometime and got a bagon but it was weak even at 42 lvl so I determined that one that I will have a Salamence that will be able to take down the Mewtwo of western cave. So as to give me some inspiration I chose Salamence in my avatar but seriously it is of no help maybe because I was\am on a break.
    Hey, Happy Birthday Buddy

    Thanks very much! Like I said, I've technically been around longer so I generally know what to do and what not to do. You're a good poster too :)
    I don't know her in person but I have heard about her work.
    I heard about her from a friend who know a friend of her(red chain of events).
    Try leaving Visitor Message. I think she'd be that gentle to reply.
    And as I know, she is quite active member in here.
    Hmm yeah. Surely he must get infractions for something? Maybe he'll be banned again and snap out of it. I mean he already has a massive postcount, if that's all he wants then he's already got more than most of the members already.

    I've only been a member for 2 months, but I didn't think of him as a respectable member when I first joined :D. Although tbh I did lurk for like a year and a half before I actually joined, so I kind of had an idea of what most people were like already lol.
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