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  • Well I'm sure you saw me whining about it before lol, I don't think a tournament will happen but if it does indeed happen we should wait because once again, its a prediction to upcoming battles and to know its upcoming we know it exists, thats my point.
    I don't mean to minimod(I guess I did minimod though) or be rude but you know I'm rigth, it doesn't matter if others did it too, they are wrong also, Satoshi vs Alex and Iris vs Clair makes sense in terms of speculation if it doesn't happen sure but you have some based of speculation.
    Only noticed on Ursaring but yeah its the usual but if its a new team I guess we can give them a break, I liked one thing that I noticed though Amoongus had some evil looking/pissed off eyes.
    Oh I noticed one shot of Ursaring that it was really fat yeah but I guess that the only thing I notice.
    Didn't notice anything weird in the animation, DAMN I wanted him to capture it also...really liked this episode though.
    Don't take Kira seriously, she isn't being serious, she has no problem with Dewott.

    She said she wanted a Dewott if it had to happen instead of a Samurott to troll the fully evolved starters please people, recent example, she said oh a Dragontie overused Iris doesn't need it, when everyone was excited, when people started complaining, she started "adoring" and defending Dragonite, to once again annoy people and create chaos, its her trolling method for months, flops opions to the side with less people to annoy the biggest number possible of users.

    Even episode threads, people say an episode wasn't nothing amazing, she likes it, people said it was pretty cool, she doesnt like it.

    Sorry if I'm butting in whee I shouldn't but its frustrating to see all you guys take the bait all the time...
    Probably due to spam and arguing with people for no reason using nonsense arguments, did it with me, dman, haunter and a few others this week I believe, always answering with nonsense, I didn't report him obviously but I'm assuming that was it, he has been banned due to spam most times.
    No...I don't have a problem with anyone who doesn't like Iris...as long as you're not condescending about it I don't care.
    Huh? ._. I don't have any issue with you, I was just saying that you're the only one I know of whom would complain if Iris caught that thing. The flameshield comment did seem like a post to somewhat incite others to rage over the possibility of Iris obtaining it but I hand waved it off for the most part as playing and thought I was being silly.
    No clue, sorry. I've never heard of the thing and I'm not in charge of the organisation part ^^"
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