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Recent content by WaterTypeStarter

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    What do you think of Google's Champion Island doodle?

    I have been playing it. And it is quite good. It is the first time Google has tried a full RPG for a doodle. I completed all the quests, won the trophies, and am currently trying to beat my scores in the sports games. What do you think of Champion Island as an RPG game?
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    What are reasons you enjoy replaying games you finished?

    Even if you are just repeating the same tasks you did and travelling the same areas you've seen.
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    Say something positive about the Pokemon above.

    A battery insect is a unique kind of design. Togedemaru
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    Rate the item above you

    7.5/10 like the Full Heal except it can be planted and multiplied. Up Grade
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    What are some anime and manga similar to Pokemon?

    Then for your info I hate these kind of jokes (been trolled on other sites in times when I desperately needed serious answers) so refrain and only answer if you are going to do it seriously.
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    What are some anime and manga similar to Pokemon?

    Themed around adventure, fighting for your friends, stopping villains, making discoveries, a full of colorful mysterious monsters and animals, etc.
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    Rate the item above you

    7.5/10 You need it to get some excellent Pokémon. Plus it is useful in battle for Steel moves. Charcoal
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    Say something positive about the Pokemon above.

    A Blue fighting Beetle. Really cool and creative. Ledian
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    Have You Ever?

    Don't remember ever doing so. Have you ever gotten lots of downvotes? How did you feel about it?
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    extremely wrong answers to pokemon questions

    Connect to Pokemon Silver. If you gave a Charcoal to Charizard and traded it, what Pokemon would it evolve to?
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    How do you think this gen handled the whole question of the ethics of Pokémon battles?

    Do you think it did a good job of handling whether catching Pokémon and having Pokémon battles are right or wrong? Did it give some good questions as well as answers? Anything you think?
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    Rate the item above you

    5.5/10 never used one but while it can be useful, it can be easily destroyed before it can be useful Choice Specs
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    When you first played the gen 1 games (or FRLG) what was your reaction to discover you had to battle your rival?

    After Lance said "You're League challenge ends with me"? Did you use certain rare items to beat Lance and regret when you found it was not over? And lost to your rival and wasted your rare items?
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    What are the best ways to buy old Pokemon cartridges?

    For classic game like for the Gameboy and DS? At a reasonable price. Not at a ridiculous price.
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    Say something positive about the Pokemon above.

    I caught one when I first played Ruby without having seen it before. It is one of my favorite Hoenn Pokemon. Emboar