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  • I left to go do something quickly. (xD BTW)

    But now I can, PBC, I'll switch to my Dragonair Cup team.
    I'll be on the entire weekend, ready for our Dragonair Cup battle,
    I'm usually at PBC, and my OU team name is "[PS]King Waruvial", so if you find him, Private Message him, saying whenever you're ready.
    I see someone put that quote into thier sig. Dont give the credit to me though, I think Crystalzapdos maybe the one that posted it originally.
    Not a good idea. The rumour-mill is swarming with seemingly legitimate evidence of confirmed characters. Just wait for the official source to make any sort of annoucements.

    I'm expecting that SSB4 will not be released until after the Wii U is.
    There is only the announcement of the game as news. And a confirmation that the Wii U version and the 3DS version will have the exact same characters in them. No exclusives.

    No other news has been said.
    Gale of Darkness? I was never one to like to stick something like Shadow on, I guess a majority would agree - But it would be pretty cool anyway, hitting SE on everything untill you purify. Oh, and please don't quiz me on this. I just look through Google and Serebii for this stuff o.o
    You got the details right.

    SSB4 is prbably going to happen, unless they start getting wierd. Yeah, can't wait to see what's on there. They're probably gonna put Zoroark and/or Volcarona, though :/
    SBB4 is going to happen. It was announced at E3.

    And that reminds me... I know this is a shot in the dark, but you know how people are obsessed with Mario Kart even though it's almost always the same? Well, my brother accidently said Crash instead of Smash when we were playing SSBB. I could imagine it, what you think?
    No. Just, no.
    The 3DS cannot handle youtube, due to the poor quality flash player, but I was able to access SPPf with it, so it's a fair trade-off.
    I use a Wii to access SPPf.
    Right now, I'm using the home computer, which I rarely get access to - due to being a business computer first. I'm getting a portable device to access the internets via Wi-Fi. I was thinking either 3DS or a laptop - preferably both.
    What am I up to - 25? 31? I lost count.

    I suppose you didn't hear yet, until my Wi-Fi is back up, my SPPf activities will be cut signifigantly.
    So I heard.
    In the time it took you to catch that Whismur, I got:
    1 RE shiny Audino
    1 RE shiny Emolga
    1 MM shiny Tepig
    1 traded shiny Mudkip
    1 traded shiny Umbreon
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