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  • oh ok
    hmm i should really change that magnezard sprite... i dont like it anymore, i got a hair cut and that skin tone is way off...
    Glad you like it and I hope you continue coming.

    Forgive the lateness of my reply.
    ok well im sorry and will limit my post........
    by the way ,,,, i read the rules and will only post if necsesary.
    but will i possibly get a shop approved??????????
    It's not the amount you post it's the fact you seem oblivous to the forum rules elt alone the section rules whenever you do it.
    Ok this is how you make a shop...

    1. Go to the fan art shop forum
    2. Click new thread
    3. Make a name for your shop and make rules
    4. Give examples and forms, and anything else you want to put
    5. You can upload examples at *******.com
    6. Open you shop, look for workers, and complete requests

    Hope this helps
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