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    Pokemon game ideas - ideas for sequels go here too. (remake)

    Well I thought that you should have a game that you really be a Pokemon. You can be any first form of your choice you can evolve later. Here is more info: Once you start the game you get to choose the following. .Any starter .Any Pokemon that evovles out of being happy It's a bit like...
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    New compeitive team

    Well for Blastoise- get rid of rapid spin! I also recomend teaching gengar a destiny bond? It would come in handy.
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    What starter will you choose?

    I chose Turtwig. I have to say- I love him. I don't mean that I love something out of a game I mean I love any turtwig in general. I havn't let him evolve yet. He is at a level 21 now but I think I will keep him as a Turtwig a bit longer. (I hate grottle)
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    Stopped in the Name of Love (590)

    As much as I want it too, I don't think Piplup will evolve. Despite the fact that Torchic did, Piplup won't I just think that it won't go good together (Dawn and a prinplup) I mean. If Kenny's Prinplup ever evovles then there is a small chance that Dawn's Piplup will. But remember that Piplup...
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    *A loud bang and purple smoke fills the air! You cough dramaticly but the smoke does not get any thinner. You soon relise it must be smog but there is no way to counter it. Then, a dark shadow emerges. You gasp for air but yellow spots are appearing. You close your eyes....and wake up*...