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  • Its not your fault. Don't feel like it is :(

    The truth is, i'm too sensitive and caring.

    I have a lot of fear due to it.
    Heey WegoStar !

    Appreciate the kind words mate, I hope your doing fine and you scored some new viewers for your youtube channel ;)
    I understand, well the thing is most people deleted me due my inactivity so i would not take it personally if you did lol.

    Good luck at work mate, dont forget yourself ;)
    Yeah it surprised me too !

    I'm okay wegz, what about you mate? You still have me on 3DS or did u delete me? I never see you online anymore :O
    We wish you all the luck you'll need, opponent. May this be a great war with a lot of exciting battles between the two guilds/clans! Be sure to check out the war thread for any info or data you need. And be sure to give us your best shots! (Or else be destroyed in the arena of this war!)

    Best of luck,
    from Legends Untold!
    Heeya Wego, managed with my ninja skills to read about a post you made about 100% Dark rattata xD

    Have to say that it doesn't really matter that it gets x4 fighting weakness, you ever saw the regular raticate not get killed by a fighting move? yeah me neither, it to frail so it doesn't matter xD.

    Its a good thing now that it gets dark because it gets Stab on Sucker punch which makes the general Guts set better.
    But of course the boost of this matter is rather mehish but it does make Raticate a better pokemon though.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts xD How have you been friend?
    We are having a war soon so will you be ready for it? also if you want to play a certain tier let me know and i can arrange it for u
    Hey Wego! Doing oke. Not much poke activity I am afraid, but I occasionally appear on PSS for multis.
    HBU? We need to do that NU battle again sometimes. NU is da best :p
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