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  • Maybe, but know people who find plot, content, characters,action or humour most important... I guess everybody has his reasons...
    perfectly fitting name...
    My favourite anime character? I never thought of one, but i really like kaoru from ai yori aoshi, as he is someone who i can strongly relate to.
    Well i've watched some of them, but i can't remember their names. I also watch the occasional ecchi, like to love-ru and sisxsis.
    Well, I've watched pokemon, naruto, inazuma eleven, detective conan, death note, absolute duo and even anime like ai yori aoshi and mahoromatic.
    (Sorry for the late reply i'm writing this on my psp...)
    Ah man, well let me know when you can see some battle vids on your DS
    I will send you the video of Little wego pwning :D
    Just letting you know that I've chosen you to pick this week's Mystic Pokémon and next week's decision maker.
    Wego, are you able to see Battle videos?

    I got a kickass battle video where Little wego is dominating them meta.
    let me know if you can, so I can send you the code !
    Dude little Wego did Entrainment on a Pixelate Sylveon, byebye Stab boosts hello weak move :D
    Little wego is trickster xD
    Oh Hey Wegz, just an Multi battle but according to my speculations we could have won those matches if our teamwork was good that match, sadly it wasnt lol.
    it happends XD.

    Little Wego rolled tho couple of matches ago !
    Heeey Wego! Me, doing well. Was MMing a mon and got a payoff yesterday late night (just as I was considering giving up).
    How about you?

    lol btw. we will be on the same team now (Azu's buddy team). I am gonna switch back and you will volt absorb for me - deal? XD
    Hey Wego ! Just wanted to let you know that I made an Serebii Buddy NU Team and your part of it ! :)

    Your my Minum (Your signature mon ! ) called: Little Wego
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