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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • [ you've implemented it. :) yay. Erm. Ok. Well we can certainly do that :) will think of a nickname :) ]
    [ Lol. Oh. No. You don't need to MM one for me :) I was just wondering if you had one of your own? ^^

    Ahhhh ok. Well i'll see you on PSS when I see you then :)

    LOL. Well Regirock isn't my favourite Pokemon. Though I do love it. I'll keep Luna for the moment in my sig :)

    When will the quiz come into effect?]
    [ Woah. It has been far to long since i've seen you on PSS :/

    Sure, you can base one around me. I don't mind :)

    Do you have a shiny Mantine?]
    [ Absolutly! Impliment that please :)

    I mean. how much do any of us forum members know about eachother? it'd be fun and a good way for people in the club to get to know one another :)

    Lullaby? Never seen that before :O]
    [ Hello Wego.

    Erm, do you think it's alright? I like it :D. This is for your YouTube Channel yeah?]
    Yeah I never really had anything good to record with either. I think there's some sort of program that you can use these days though
    [ Excellent! Well not sure how long it will be till I can do that. Currently MM'ing Ferrothorn :) ]
    [ Heh :p.

    I was thinking that at some point in the future I'd like to MM Hydreigon. I could do a giveaway for the mystics. 4 Egg Move, Dusk Ball Deino? What do you think? :)

    Or someone else could do a rarer mystic type giveaway with HA in a matching ball?

    Could do like a quiz and those who participate get one rare mystic and those who win get a super rare mystic? Idk lol]
    [ Me too :)

    Hey Wego. I'm downloading some art/graphics software. You really inspired me to do my own channel :D. So I'll try my hand at creating artwork for my channel and for other places ^^]
    [ :)

    Will they be PS battles/Battle spot battles/WiFi battles? Narrations? Smogon set analysis? NU Spotlights?
    [ Of course i'll sub you Wego :)

    When I get some free time I really want a VGC YouTube channel. But it probs won't be this year as I really don't like VGC16. Went to battle spot the other day. 11 wins, 18 losses. If you lead with the wrong Pokemon, that's it. Game over. Literally no ability to switch.

    I digress haah, Yeah subbed and I can't wait to see you're new content. :) ]
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