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  • I have my ways.....

    [ lol just kidding with you. I went to FairyWitch's YouTube channel. I found a comment on her videos from "BriefStarWego" and assumed it was you. "Too much Freeze hax" is you yeah?]
    I use to use my camera on phone now which my first video was with a old crappy camera which was blurry as hell. I know for sure if I had a steady camera thing I would be on twitch streaming my hunts live...
    [ I'm alright thanks, you?

    Sorry, I just saw your VM and it made me chuckle :)

    Rofl stands for Roll on floor laughing :)]

    I'm looking at Crawdaunt, Hydreigon, Zoroak, Mandibular and Pandora for my darks.
    That is if I can get my game to give me a decent Pancham.
    Thinking maybe a Fairy for my last members.

    Would like to use Yveltal but I didn't SR for a competitive one. Oh well.
    I'm putting together a "team". It's more like 5 dark that I've never really used snd would like too.
    Don't know who the last one is going to be.
    If you get another 3 or 4 people, I'll join.
    Like before, it'll be an easy win for my partner.
    don't know man. I really haven't had much forum or Pokemon time. I still wish to be in the club, but kinda... I guess I'm on hiatus or whatever.
    I just found a shiny Murkow level 1 with some good egg moves.
    OT ASH
    with some weird number of exp points like a million +
    Makes me wonder if it was a hack...
    I probably have to go back to the pokemon club page or what ever it's called ...
    Ok let me find that game again and see if I can
    Just found like 3 dark pokemon with good IVs hiding in my boxes...not sure what kind of team they'll be.

    Do you remember trading me a Shiny Murkow?
    Do you remember who the OT on it was?
    This was almost 2 years ago..my Battle Box in one game still says it's locked.
    I can't move anyone out.
    There's at least 1 in there I could use for the tournament...
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