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Apr 20, 2015
May 23, 2010
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May 21, 1991 (Age: 28)

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CatMewFace, 28, from Scotland

weightoftheworld was last seen:
Apr 20, 2015
    1. Buuz
      I got the Ranch Mew . It has a modest nature so i think i will trade your old Mew for a new Genesect. You don't mind, right?
    2. Buuz
      That's a shame. Yeah Link is good, his arrows, boomerang and bombs make it tough to get close. Personal favourite among the Pokémon: Charizard. But you probably figured that one out already haha. Mii Gunner is a bit overpowered and unfair, kind of like giving Samus Fox's reflector. Almost impossible to defeat. Some people have already requested that i won't use it anymore.
    3. Buuz
      Hehe, well i am quite versatile and hard to predict when it comes to Smash. I tend to win with pretty much every character i use but Bowser is my favourite. He's slow but has good attacks to compensate that. I like to use... Ehm well Mario i guess. I barely play Mario Kart 7 and when i want to kart i play Mario Kart 8. So.. Mario, or Bowser. My lightweight favourite would be Toad.
    4. Buuz
      My MK skills are pretty decent too. Should be fun racing you sometime.

      Oh and... You might want to click on ''view conversation'' or something before you post a reply. You keep posting them on your own page. :p
    5. weightoftheworld
      It's good to have awareness of your own skills though, I'm pretty average at video games but that being said I don't have a lot of practice so am probably a bit better than average when not rusty :P pretty damn good at Mario kart though which is weird because other than mario kart driving games are my weak spot.
    6. Buuz
      But you got me curious about Smash. I know i am decent (no arrogance intended) after winning the qualifiers of a tournament with Bowser as my fighter and opponents using ZS Samus, Greninja and Sonic. Also, there are some good Smashers here so i'm always interested in how i compare to others.
    7. Buuz
      You did, obviously. I like Wii games better than Xbox games. Heck i don't even have an Xbox, just a PS3 lol. Thanks for the Mew, it looks really good.
    8. weightoftheworld
      Mm wasn't too bad at smashing but am better on games like mortal kombat, my sister got the Xbox as I got the wii when we moved out from our parents... Guess who got the better deal :/ yea 23 (21st may)
    9. Buuz
      I registered you, had to reboot my laptop for a good wifi connection. Nice name btw, i can trade now if you want.
    10. Buuz

      Ah i see. Too bad you can't Smash, would have been interesting to see how good you are. Mario Kart 7 is nice too though. I saw you're 23 too, just a few months older than me (27th of August).
    11. Buuz
      Hello there, thought i'd send you a VM and FR as well. Do you play Smash?
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  • About

    May 21, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Favourite Pokémon:


    LF: Legendary 4 DE.

    Articuno Lv50
    Zapdos Lv100
    Moltres Lv70
    Mewtwo Lv100 MsY
    Mew Lv30
    Raikou Lv40
    Entei Lv41
    Suicune Lv50
    Lugia Lv86
    Ho-oh Lv10
    x3Celebi Lv10
    Latias Lv100
    Latios Lv40
    Kyogre Lv50
    Groudon Lv71
    Uxie Lv65
    Azelf Lv50
    Mesprit Lv56
    Regirock Lv42
    Regice Lv65
    Registeel Lv40
    Cresselia Lv68
    Kyurem Lv70
    Terrakion Lv45
    Zygarde Lv70
    Xerneas Lv73
    Heatran- Lv68
    Ditto Lv48SeriousJPN
    Magmar Lv30CalmUK(FS)
    Alomomola Lv35GentleSPA
    Umbreon Lv83ImpishUK
    *I’m against hacked pokemon but not cloned.