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  • alright had a feeling to check working on my charts for the shop XD anyway getting online now :3
    alrighty for the pokes you want I would like these pokes:

    Moon Ball Sensu Style Oricorio
    Moon Ball Indigo Minior
    Love Ball HA Eevee
    Friend Ball HA Eevee
    heavy ball HA Eevee

    I will not have your stuff ready though until after christmas just a heads up ^_^
    thats great which I am a competitive breeder so I pretty much breed alot of stuff so don't heisitate to make a offer I don't have :D we can swap out breeds :p
    thank you which good luck on your moon ball rockruff :3 I hope you find it again :3 also if you need anything else though don't hesitate to visit my trade shop I got more stuff listed there if you need something else in particular :p I am starting to get more stuff in stock now so getting more choices plus you can just request ball choices and etc only if you can't breed right now. I know how dittos are fierce sought after atm XD
    its fine I can take them as they are XD I got a comfey that is bold anyway ;) breeding the last egg now and then hatching them quick ^_^
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