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  • bold nature for comfey if you can don't have too and rockruff jolly if you can if not its not huge deal really XD I can fix that with my pokes I got ;) so anyway I will get the four ready then for the four your offering :3
    oh I was just curious but I can always pass the hidden abilities down no worries with the ball choices I have i can take rockruff and comfey for other two you wanted...saves me time for sosing these too :3
    yeah I don't clean out my boxes anymore for reasons because it gets to tedious because every time I empty it up it fills back up in a day im a busy gal what i say XD i normally only delete for special things but anyway I do need moon ball vulpix and honedge but what are the ball choices curious on the others?
    Would you accept a shiny Eppie Deoxys, shiny Pc Fukuoka Japanese event 5IV Groudon, 6IV Nobunaga Rayquaza or a shiny perfect iv ditto adamant and Japanese for that shiny hp fire chlorophyll Bulbasaur? If not I can make some other offers for it in the morning assuminh you still have it tomorrow
    Might want to remove that flawless shiny deoxys, that's one of the newest hacks that was released on gen5 and was spread quickly hardy nature wasn't a nature in the Gen3 games that could also have 6 perfect ivs just wanted to give you a heads up
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