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  • I'm responding super late, sorry. Been busy with work.

    Yeah I felt the same when I was in school lol. It didn't help that I get distracted easily.
    I think Pokemon is targeting female players and they (I don't know about you) like stylish or cute ones :p
    Which Pokemon?
    Haha! School, school... more reasons to blame it XD Just don't fall behind watching the anime, yesterday's Pikachu special was great!
    :s ok... me too! lol
    [Sorry for just messaging, I had a bad cold]
    Back in BW2, I tried hatching a Shiny Litwick to no avail. Jump to XY and I stumble upon a shiny Lampent in the Friend Safari. :p

    The Oceania region looks so amazing but I'm not sure if I have the patience to wait 20 hours to get to another country. There is also the whole "going ahead by one day" scenario. .__.
    mmmh yeah it depends doesn't it?
    Like if you have people that care about you around you, that is no problem.

    Well rainy during autumn, snow in winter and sometime even pretty warm summer. It is like a changable climate, just like in the Netherlands. You never know what to expect.
    That's why I like shiny Garchomp. Even a little difference made it on top of my list! Other shinies I like are Chandelure, Heatmor, Kyurem, Delphox, Whimsicott, and Arbok. :)

    I'm live in the U.S. and considering you're a day ahead of me, I'm going to guess you live in the Oceania region (Australia and all of those places). :p
    Lol what a coincidence,its raining atm xD
    Yeah me too,it makes me sleep.
    Well I took a long sleep and now woke up hbu?
    I see you had a woman from Pokémon Conquest as your avatar. Her name's Aya, right?
    Oh yes that's just the quietness I would like. But still I think I will stick around here, I'm satisfied here.

    Germany ... Germany is big and sometimes busy. I usually go to the border towns which are nice, with a different feelinf than the netherlands but not too bad. You just seem to notice the differences quite well.
    Cool, for which show?
    I'm good, I plan to hopefully finish my Kanto rewatch so that I can move on to the orange Islands, johto, and Pokemon chronicles.
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