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  • Noticed you've been gone this whole time so just leaving this as a reminder that I've still got you on my mind if you return! Not sure if you still want/need the cloning you asked for, but if you do when you return I'll always be around!
    Also wanted to check, the Cottonee you traded me ages ago, was it non-redis? It's been sitting in my game for a long time but it wasn't in my list so there's no notes on it, and I also didn't see anything about it in our PMs and stuff. I'll add it to my list but let me know if you prefer I not trade it and I'll mark it non-redis!
    Hello there! Not sure if you are around tonight, but I have a bit of time and could finally do the cloning for you! There was talk of a Pikipek as well, wasn't sure if you did do that or not. If so let me know what i owe you for it!
    Haha, unfortunately it keeps getting worse; turns out I have the flu. @@ I really want to trade and clone for you, but I need to get better ASAP so I'm going to say it's safest to aim for next weekend. Sorry about that. @@
    Sorry, I ended up with a fever yesterday so I wasn't able to come back on. @@ I am a little better today but still very sick, so I will be resting most of the day. Assuming my fever stays away, I could be around at the time you posted yesterday.
    Hello! I am wondering what time you'd like to trade? I need to go out for a bit (I am sick and need medicine), but I can be back in an hour or two. Let me know what would work!
    Ooo sounds good! Would you do it as an egg as well? Either way is fine with me!
    No problem! I have also had school and personal life duties, and I'm battling a cold. @@ Saturday should work! I will hopefully be on and around by 10 AM my time.
    Hiya! I realized I never got back to you on Rockruff, and sadly I already have it bred. @@ My breedables list has been updated though, if you'd like to tackle something else!
    Cool! I thiiiink I'll be done by then, but I'll touch base with you for sure.
    Hmm, then I guess it's sorta up to you. I've offered that time period to others for trading so I would likely be around for them anyway. I could do after I finish the call, but it could take a loooong time (it's a D&D session haha), so I would likely not be free until maybe 6 or 7 PM my time? I could certainly find time next weekend too; so far my Sun is still looking free. Let me know!
    Unfortunately that time (for both you and danoobna) will no longer work as I have an errand to run at that time. I'll have to reschedule with him as well. >>
    Earlier would work if this was just a trade, but since it'll take awhile the only other option would be after 2. I'll be home and in front of my computer (since I'll just be Skyping with people) so it'll work fine for me, but Idk about you (as I'm assuming you're saying 11:15 PM).
    Alright. I could do early afternoon (before 2 PM) but after that I have a meeting with some friends online. I maaaaybe can do some trading/cloning in that time but it would take awhile as I'd be multitasking.
    I've had some other stuff bred for me so it's been updated a bit, but most of the original stuff is still available!
    Hello there! I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you, it's a very busy time of the year for me. @@ I've changed my trade times around which you can check in my thread, but my next available time would be my Wed night. The weekend is looking like I'll be around my Sat afternoon and Sun. Would any of that work for you? :0
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