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  • awesome! I was wondering because there haven't been any new posts in the 3rd gen nuzlocke thread in a while (other than mine >.<)

    edit - finally had a chance to watch the video :p only two losses, not bad. Too bad you lost your Venusaur tho, that must have sucked :(
    Probably. XD I figured Madara Uchiha himself would be enough to come to THAT conclusion. Awakening the Rinnegan shortly before he died ftl. ¬_¬

    Jeez I thought you'd have done it by NOW. XD GET TO EET AND NOOO PROCRASTINATION. >=(

    Ugggggh. XD I got bored of it darn fast and probably because I don't play that Skyrim game. I probably will once I get a 360 though so eh.

    Lmao derp. XD Nah it's fine; no need to apologise. ;p I was busy too sort of. I just jump on now and then to check my VMs/PMs. I really should post some moar. =O

    - Syrus
    Sort of. XD I could be wrong after all but there's so much evidence that points to it, it's not even funny. XD I bet Kishimoto's gonna screw us again though and totally turn the story line around like he done last time with the Masked Man. "Lol you STILL think it's Madara? *Swivel* NO U" XD

    Unfortunately I have a tendency to do that. XD I really should buck up. =|

    Rick Rolls ha, ha. XD Ugh Arrow to the Knee; one of the few memes I don't like. XD And it can, can it? =O Touch it. I DARE YOU. (XD)

    Ah, ha, ha, ha. XD Well we'll see! Who knows maybe you'll even make a movie of it.

    Ftw? =O

    - Syrus
    I noticed yeah. XD I think they're gearing this for who The Masked Man really is though and I have an idea as to what. ;p Nerd up ftw.

    Ha, ha, ha! Remind me when I need my work done on time to give you a call then. XD

    Wow that was quick. And hey that's nicely done! I remember doing Technology in High School and screwed up so bad; my Dad was disappoint. XD "I believe in Sherlock Holmes" ftw btw. (XD)

    Rofl. XD I was jokin' but sure have a blast! Make 90's Disney proud! ;p

    - Syrus
    Lmao that bit at the end. XD EEEEEEEE IT UP WHIMSICOTTON. And Tell us what ya think! ;D Careful though; spoilage awaits. ;p

    Har, har, har. XD Yeah, yeah. ;p

    Yeah! Was amazing. The actors were great in it and everything. And cool! I look forward to it. ;p Give us a shout when you have a bad CD Rack! XD

    After Today is great! But I prefer Eye to Eye if only because I'm bias. XD Yeah it's great to sing that one after School; amazing feeling. ;p DO IT THIS SUMMER.

    - Syrus
    Yeah she's not exactly a role model for women to follow IMO. XD Yeah; bloody shippers. Only one I can see working is Hinata and Naruto if Naruto ever pulls his head out of his rectum and stops thinking about Sasuke. XD The Masked Man's MASK? Really? ;p Weird choice but fair enough. XD I think he has a new one though in the Manga so you might wanna look. =O

    Ha, ha, ha. XD Wait 'till you get last minute inspiration. ALWAYS WORKS. (XD) Don't take that seriously by the way. ;p I'm srs.

    Rofl seriously? XD I gotta hear 'em/read 'em sometime. XD

    Lolz daisies. Well while YOU were counting daisies I was in the Edinburgh Castle as well as the Edinburgh Dungeons. *Smug Scot *** is smug* (XD) Nah seriously though it was great; the Dungeons managed to scare me and I lol at Horrors almost for a living. ;p You should give it a try; there's some in England I think!

    =O=O=O=O=O=O=O I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS DISGRACING STATEMENT. *Sighs* Yes... Yes you have SAVED what little honour she may have possessed... *Wipes forehead* Phew... Srs.


    - Syrus
    Pf. Average. SHE'S A PIONEER TO WOMEN IN SHONEN; YOU CANNOT DENY IT. Well... actually you can. XD Oh Sakura! His eyes are WIN. XD YES. Finally someone agrees. XD So many fantards of the darn emos. They must all be purged. >=(
    Ha, ha, ha. XD Bloody lines. XD Naruto actually has a reason for that thankfully. ;p

    Ha no worries I am too. ;p

    You know apparently she took a photo shoot or something because of what the Internet says about her. XD So sad. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. ;p

    Ha, ha, ha; fair enough then. XD I really should head off to bed early myself; going to Edinburgh tomorrow so.

    - Syrus
    Naruto and Kakashi are great; fair enough. ;p Karin... not agreed with unfortunately. XD Rock Lee is win regardless. ;p If I was anyone in a cartoon it'd be HIM. I just wish I had his determination. XD The bloody Masked Man. XD Yeah he's almost as bad as Madara. ALMOST. ;p B-B-BUT ITACHI IS A KEWL GUY WHIMSICOTTON H-HE'S AN UCHIHA HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?! Yeah some of them are insufferable. ;p I'M LOOKING AT YOU UCHIHA CLAN.
    You're kidding me? o_O What is this like a prequel or something? XD

    THOSE RACIST PIGS. Quite possibly! Some drama behind the scenes. =O HOOOO.

    *Raises and clinks glass* Indeed. And heck we all wonder if it really DOES have no upper body. =O YES I WENT THERE. (XD)

    Ha yes Playboy. XD I couldn't believe it. I was like L-O-O-O-O-O-L-Z. Oh jeez the Metapod joke. XD OLDEST POKÉMON JOKE EVER. What about my Pidgey way back when, when I started. I called its BUTTS. Can you guess why? ;D

    *Sniff* I knoes. So sad. =( Could've been a lot worse though. It could have been a CREME EGG. =O LE GASP.
    Sorry for the uber long reply btw; in a major Pokémon Tournament Battle. XD

    - Syrus
    *Highfive* ;D If only I could use it though. =| Oh well I get a jolly anyway. XD
    YES KARIN. Believe it or not I have a friend like her. ;p Only she's a lot more articulate in her speech and actions; so funny. XD Yeah which ones you like? ;p ROCKLEEROCKLEEROCKLEE ;p
    =O Good point I never thought of that. I think Naruto's out of the equation though. XD He's actually aged. ;p Ash is STILL what... 11? XD Yeesh.

    Wow well fair enough. =O I did like the inclusion of being able to use my 3DS' photos to upload on it but they stopped that. Nintendo-ist pigs. ¬_¬


    Yeah I know what ya mean. XD I think Sizida does that too. ;p I poker faced when her Ingame name was 'PLAYBOY'. XD Then proceeded to kick her ass. BAHAHAHAHA XD Oh I'm a bad man.

    Pf that's nothing. I was denied a LUCKY BAG when I was just at the ripe old age of 4. I wanted to take my parents to COURT over it! TALK ABOUT SERIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA! >=O

    - Syrus
    All right you made me laugh. XD Laziness ftw. ;p
    If the Dubs have gotten to the Five Kage Meeting Arc then you will NOT be disappointed. ;p Even IF Sasuke's bits in it are just... urgh. ¬_¬ Especially KARIN. Good LORD Karin. XD

    Fair enough. XD Can't say I've ever played THAT game though. ;p For the most part I don't bother with Facebook's games anyway so. XD

    I bet they see you. PLAYING CHILDREN'S CARD GAMES. Ftw.

    DO IT. Mine's is a Ruin Maniac for epic winnage. I love that hat!

    Colourful food. XD Ha, ha; yeah it's pretty cool. ;p

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha! I smell a meme-a coming... ;p
    Yeah agreed. I get that sometimes. XD I started reading the Manga instead because of it. ;p

    Ah, ha, ha, ha. XD Wise idea! ;p I avoid MSN every day now but that's just personal choice. (XD) Facebook all the way for me! Oh and this obviously. ;p

    Rofl. Popular Whimsicotton is popular! ;p I just got nerd jokes and slaps on the shoulder for my trouble. XD


    Good lord. *Facepalms* XD Bloody M&Ms! I now crave some.

    - Syrus
    If he had just been as pleasant as he was as a kid I'd maybe find him a little more likeable but good LORD Kishimoto. XD I wonder if he trollfaced while making Sasuke. I remember him stating somewhere that Sasuke was his favourite to draw. I lol'd heartily. XD
    Don't get me wrong I love Subtitles most of the time 'cause I'm weird that way but yeah it ruins a few other things too so. XD

    Well I made the mistake of telling one person. I got banhammered HARD. XD I LEARNED.

    'Tis! "Do you wish to engage in fisticuffs? Then verily! Proceed towards my person! *Sends out Pokémon*" XD Rofl what a high opinion they have of you. LE GASP. I JUST REALISED. YOU are the Hiker woman the child mentioned in the Battle Frontier! =O MIND = BLOWN.


    - Syrus
    True enough! He also gets all the MEN too. EVERYONE JUST GRAVITATES TOWARD HIM INCLUDING MYSELF OH MY LORD *Fans self* Rofl! That is so WIN! XD I'm so doing that now next time I see an episode. Unless it's the new ones. SUBTITLES YOU RUIN IT FOR MEH. =(

    I got that. In work. (XD) I also had it on a School day in ye olden days. So many memories and broken arms. ¬___¬

    Ha, ha; great! And yeah agreed. Don't get me wrong though I've used some years ago when I was still but a young padawan. I also use 'em in a Survival Offline Battle Rev. for major funsies. My character design is also a Gentleman for epic win. ;D

    - Syrus
    Of course! He's the traditional Mary Sue or Gary Stu if you prefer. Generic tragic past emo ftw. Lmao Tsundere. XD Cool story bro. Though honestly I can see him returning to Konohagakure at the end of all this just to please the fans. =/ You see the latest battle he's in? Ugh Uchiha fanservice. XD It sucks too 'cause I know my favourite antagonist is screwed.

    Awww I feel so sorry now! =( *Pat, pat* My bad. XD

    Ha, ha, ha! Glad to hear it! ;p Did ya win it? SAY YES.


    - Syrus

    Well that's pretty cool! I have the same sort of thing. With my birthday. 5 days before CHRISTMAS. My childhood was so full of win. XD

    Go for it Whimsicotton! I'll be waitin' on that victory triumph! ;p If I can do it anyone can! And don't worry about it; Wi Fi'll sort itself out in time. XD Did for me and I never thought I'd get it! =) And believe me there's some real IDIOTS out there online so you're fine I daresay. XD

    - Syrus
    Should watch/read some more then! Oh but a word of caution. Try not to fall for this spell. It has claimed one too many men and women alike...

    Ha, ha, ha! Well fair enough then. ;p The Circle of Life! As it would be called. Nice to hear! Did you do anything for Mother's Day though? ;p

    Yeah I know what ya mean! =( I wish they kept that in. Was great when I beat Palmer at the Frontier though and came back to my room to see a Trophy waiting for me. ME GUSTA. And the berries are great too. XD Battle wise they really help. Especially on Battle Revolution and other Tournaments. ;p

    - Syrus
    David the Dialga! The herpaderpa bit just made me lol. XD Tubs Gusta nice and Naruto the Ninetails. Believe it Whimsicotton. ;p Yeah I love the Naruto series; been reading the current Manga chapters and loving it. I just hope that Kabuto manages to pull himself out of the hole he's in right now. Frickin' Uchiha. ¬_¬

    Ha, ha fair enough then. XD Nah good to hear though! ;p Even IF you have some kind of hidden motive there. XD FORSHAME. >=( I kid. XD OR DO I.

    Yeah I love it too. XD Especially when Janine or Falkner call me up to ***** about each other. ;p Those two are so obvious it's funny. XD I remember someone phoning me up while I was EV Training though. SOOOO ANGRY. ¬_¬ So I threw my Pokégear Phone into the Lake of Rage. NEVER AGAIN. >=( Other than that though I love it. XD

    - Syrus
    That's a cool idea! I usually don't nickname my Legendaries though; I just use them offline Survival for epic fun. YES. *Air punch* I thought the general consensus of the Internet was cats >> dogs and I was like FAAAAIIL.

    A tomboy huh. XD Well it'd be a nice bonding session or something! ;p Not that I enjoy shopping myself especially for clothes. XD Hate it but it's still a great idea to bond over! That and whatever else she enjoys I guess.

    She's not lying either! It has maxed out IV's!


    - Syrus
    MYSTIC NYAN CAT FTW. Amirite. (XD) Yeah I do too. ;p Usually nicknames based on old Greek words or something. Depends on the Pokémon of course though. And yeah! Agreed. Lmao crazy dog lady. XD Fair enough! I prefer dogs to cats anyways myself. ;p Probably one of the few people on the internet who DO when I think on it.

    Always is! XD Eh so do I really but there's a lot of reason to it. I wouldn't feel bad about it really but if ya do then work at it! No time like the present as my Sensei would say. ;p

    Oh NOOO I heard about those. XD My old mate Tom SPAMMED them so I officially made Youngster his title. For obvious reasons. ;p Then I learned he could speak ye olde English so I made him a Gentleman. INDECISIVE. *Wears monocle*

    - Syrus
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