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  • Awww ya should've asked me! I have eet. Bloody Nyan Cat. XD Yeah the nicknames are epic. At least you do it though. XD My brother refuses; he may as well be a robot.
    *Snort* Yes. No joke. XD Doubt he still has that mindset. Good lord if he still DOES though... o__o WE'RE ALL SCREWED HE'S-A GONNA BE A SUPA SAIYAN

    Dale. Oh good LORD. XD Hey well that's something at least. ;p I rarely have time to bond with my Dad now so take every opportunity!

    Yeah I have the same problem myself. ;p It's part of why Smogon creates 'Tiers' so for example my favourite Pokémon Blastoise is UU which is Under Used. (I know; says a lot about me ;p) So there's rules to set at least for those that really want it. I just go all out with my favourites generally though so.

    - Syrus
    Nicely done! =O Yeah I just watched it and commented. Pretty cool! I liked the nicknames too. XD Green's always been tough I think. ;p One of my favourite NPCs. Bloody Nyan Cat though. XD Rofl. Hey you think that's bad; my old mate in school had DREAMS of being a Scientist to genetically engineer HIMSELF to have Saiyan DNA from Dragonball. I kid you not. @__@

    Yes... yes they can. XD

    Good, good. XD Keep me posted! ;p

    - Syrus
    Lmao nicely done. But! That all depends on the levels. ;p How were they? MUST KNOW.

    Darrrrn I so wanna see it now. XD I remember seeing a documentary based on some English guy that got verbally destroyed by /b/ and Anonymous online and so his parents decided to get guard dogs for the house. They dun goof'd; backtraced their e-mails amirite. XD Aw terrible but so funny.

    Ha, ha; epic training montage ftw. ;p

    - Syrus
    Nice! I want one bad now. XD You've inspired me! Aipom! YES! Taking a leaf out of Gold's book are you? ;p Ha, ha; Flame Body y u no in Silver? (XD) Ha, ha, ha! Tried and done it good luck. XD

    Ha, ha, ha! XD Lmao! XD I'd KILL to see that! XD Is it on Youtube or something?

    Yeah I really should man up though. =( MUST.

    - Syrus
    Kangaskhan! Brilliant! I ALWAYS wanted to use one of those! *Respect bro fist* Furret's actually not bad though so hey! XD

    Lmao the end of that sentence is so win. XD "HURR DURR" XD Trollface ftw amirite.

    Yeah I'm back. Kicked his butt hard of course. *Grin, grin* Got bored of the darn game though. XD Played it for YEARS so I know it inside and out. Nah see I get that problem with games! I start a lot of them and don't bother finishing. XD Need to get into the habit of finishing what I start. And unlucky! =( Back to Sinnoh's B.Frontier then. XD Keep me posted! See if you can beat Palmer... ;p

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha. So painful. XD Snorlax is a great one to use if you're struggling! ;p

    Well fair enough then! Each to their own but I like to do both. If it helps you should use your 3DS for pictures of notes the teacher writes! Unorthodox but I do it. XD

    Faaail. XD Oh well guess you'll have to do what I did then. Good idea though! CHECK EET. And on that note I must leave you to take out Naesala Kilvas the Laguz King from Fire Emblem 9 and the Path of Radiance. TTFN 'till next time dude! Wish me luck! >=)

    - Syrus
    NO. THERE IS NEVER TOO MUCH POKÉMON. EVER. >=( Good lord nice job. XD A Nuzlocke eh; can't say I've ever used one! But I heard they're good so. Your Silver monotype you say eh? =O

    Yeah I see what you're saying. XD Still though it's nice to use up the credits if you're not paying for it ya know. ;p It's what I'd do.

    Get ALL the things! The Power Items you can find at the Battle Frontier. 16 BP each. Now you can do what I did = the Sucker Way; get all the BP normally. Or you could just AR them. DO IT. (XD) Getting BP is so darn time consuming. ¬_¬

    - Syrus
    YES. *Bro fist* I'll probably be a Battler 'till I'm in my golden years. Love it.

    That's a bit... fail. XD But hey it's an economical solution too so!

    Family Guy has destroyed my interest in my Star Wars. Completely. Oh Seth MacFarlane you bastard. XD Lmao 'he's so full of win'. XD Internet speak IRL ftw; only cool doods do it.

    Ohhh fair enough. =O I had no idea about the DW Abilities but I heard they're different for some Pokémon? ;p Oh well. Yeah I'm bias that way too. XD Water Style Torrent increase for my Blastoise ftw. Actually fainting 4 Geodude gives you 4 Def. EV's. Now if you have Pokérus and one of the Power Items on that you get 10 EV's per each Geodude. So you may even have 40. =O

    Ha, ha; well fair enough then. ;p

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha; that's not so bad. XD Heck I'm 22 and still into POKÉMON. The CARTOON Pokémon. ;p Most of it's based for kids but I still love it so. XD

    Well just do what I do and draw it all on paper! ;p What's a printer credit though? =O (I feel so prehistoric XD)

    Lmao! All right I hate Star Wars but that is WIN. XD IMPERIAL MARCH. DO IT.

    Ehhh... Smogon's tactics are great and all but they're so overused I don't like to stick to them. XD It's really difficult but I come up with my own. I really should work at my next one actually after this Tournament's finished up with. =O Hope I win first prize! Har, har. Ha, ha; I felt a little silly too. ;p Don't worry you were just lazy. I was that x10 so hey. (XD)

    Wow and you sent this at 7:00 in the morning? Kudos I guess. XD I only get to do my volunteering on Wednesday unfortunately with the College in between so. =( Hey hope ya enjoy it kid!

    - Syrus
    Ozzy Osbourne. XD Nice. ;p
    Hah well there ya go! It's weird but it doesn't necessarily mean bad. ;p Nice to see you getting into older stuff though!

    Ha, ha; give it a try anyway and you might see a difference. XD Did the world of good for me. ;p

    Strange teachers ftw. XD Had a few at mine but none that professed those desires of killing so loudly. ;p


    Sleep IS important. XD Ha, ha; TTFN dude 'till next time! Don't let HELL BELL bite... ;p


    - Syrus
    Lmao poor you. XD I got the real thing at home so I don't need Nintendogs. ;p She can be a pain in the butt sometimes though. XD Covers my bed in drool and I'm like; RAAAAAAAGE! >=O
    The HAMLET reference? JEEZ I NEVER KNEW! =O Nicely done! And at five no less epically received. XD I guess it IS a little weird when I think on it but I have weird things about me too so hey. XD "To truly understand a matter you have to look at it from both sides' perspective" - Nasir; Fire Emblem 9. ;p

    Yeah you really should. XD Try Mind Maps! It seems to help me a lot when I study.

    (laughs) XD

    Good lord that's almost sadistic! I'd so Poker Face if I was told that by a teacher. XD

    YES! *Air punch* Proud of ya kid! ;p You should work on strategising in battle now! So fun. XD Uhhh... after your studying for school of course. ;p



    - Syrus
    I don't do it because I don't like it. Period. XD
    A Goofy Movie; teaching my father and I to grow a bond since 1995! (XD) Yeah The Lion King's one of the best as well too. ;p Its plotline seemed to resemble that of Fire Emblem 4 so when I noticed... ME = MIND BLOWN. XD

    Lmao ouch man. XD Geography I was actually not bad in even without studying! I really need to buckle up though; I failed last Cycle's Exam for Central Services in Admin. =|

    Ha, ha, ha. XD You sound like Sakurai from Hal Inc. now. ;p Pure win. XD

    Rofl I've had my friends react that way too sometimes. XD My friend Gillian gets that with where she stays. Unfortunately she has a tree near her window so when the wind really picks up - and I mean REALLY picks up ;p - she's constantly worried it'll flatten her house. I think one time my mates and I even went to hers to be sure she was okay the wind was that bad one day. Scary stuff! Could always be worse though I guess.

    - Syrus
    Agh yeah. =/ Neither do I tbh and I've been a Nintendo Fanboy since ye olde days. Even I admit it's a lame gimmick. SO funny how he ends up in Mother 3. XD I won't spoil but have you played it? Brilliant. XD
    Hee, hee, hee. XD I was spamming Disney stuff with Cremia so I'm sort of on a high right now. ;p A Goofy Movie ftw.

    Lmao. That's actually not bad tbh. XD Most of my friends used to give me wrong answers back in school.
    Me: WHYYYYY! >=O
    My friend: Should have studied. *Trollface*
    Me: =| Good point.


    Enjoy! It's not the scariest one but I think it's pretty cool. ;p

    - Syrus
    Ugh I know. =| I had to downgrade my service of Virgin Media today because it was getting too expensive. SO FAIL. Lmao! Porky! XD Awww I loved him in Mother 2. XD "Porky hid behind Ness!" Porky: Hi Ness' Mom. You're looking... lovely. *S******* (XD) He's such a douche. XD Then ya just gotta work at that! We gotta make a MAN outta you! (Sorry I couldn't resist. XD

    Aww jeez you can't be that bad honestly. ;p Not as bad as /b/ anyway. XD

    Eh you're better off really. XD I can't STAND them. ;p So I sit inside all day and try not to listen to them as much as possible. Not easy when I have to head outside though. (XD)

    Yeah; creepypastas are epic. ;p I personally loved the Girl In The Photograph one. Seen that?

    - Syrus
    YES. FIRE EMBLEM IS WIN. *Bro fist* I can't WAIIIIT for Fire Emblem 13 on the 3DS! XD They brought SKILLS back finally! =D + there's a new double attack concept as well as DLC finally! XD Ha, ha Buzz Buzz; he is SO win. XD Oh lord a P.E. exam. ;p I never got that thankfully. XD I only had to do the specific stuff and I was a-okay. ;p JUSTICE.

    Ha, ha; agreed. XD Safe to say I'm never asking /b/ for advice. ;p

    Translation = Hah you think that's bad to deal with? Try the stupid idiots I have to deal with. (;p) Scottish accents suck hard.

    Yeah! That creepypasta based on it; the White Hand. ;p That one wasn't bad too. Then there was the HE DIED one.

    - Syrus
    YYYYYYYYYYYYYESSS! You've inspired me Whimsicotton! Methinks I'll go for a playthrough of Mother 2 myself soon! As well as Fire Emblem 4. MMM I LOVE THAT GAME. Yeah your GCSE's you should be studying for; much more important trust me. ;p

    Yeah you're better avoiding it really. XD There's a story that some kid wanted to 'Triforce' so he took some advice from /b/. Next thing he knew his father's computer's hard drive was destroyed with a MAGNET. With all of the work inside it with NO COPY. *Shudder* I felt so sorry for him. XD

    No. No it is not. XD

    Ha, ha; been there done it. XD It was Not Bad but there's nothing like actually playing a game and being in it if you get me. ;p Team Silent's Silent Hill games are notorious for that and their storylines are great too. Psychological horror ftw.

    - Syrus
    Ahhh I know what ya mean. XD It's other reasons I really need to help it though. E.G.; Studying. ;p Especially for College. XD

    Y-You don't know what... what /b/ is...? Oh Whimsicotton! Don't Google it whatever you d- =| I have broke Rule #1; Do not talk about /b/.

    Ah, ha, ha; we have that problem too. XD I've heard of 'innit' before but 'blud' I'm not too hot on. ;p We have those kinda guys down here too but they talk more like their nostrils just went through a taser. If you get me. (XD)

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. You might be surprised. ;p

    Oh Suicide Mouse. I watched a little of that and just poker faced. =| I prefer HELL BELL to that and tbh even The Legacy of Kain 4's bit when you're in the Void was much scarier for me. Click it if you DARE. ;p

    - Syrus
    Probably because you're in no one's way or whatever. ;p It's still something I need to stop though. XD

    Well that IS why they call it the Internet. ;p Or why /b/ does. (XD) Woops I just broke a rule! =O

    You'd think WRITING would help that with me but alas! Oh wait there's one. JUSTICE.

    Ha, ha well fair enough then. XD Think I'll see if there really are some of 'em. =O

    Ha, ha! Terrible, terrible. XD I feel a little worse now but oh well. ;p I remember reading it and being fascinated but I guess I'm just weirder than anyone else. XD Epic creepypasta is epic.

    - Syrus
    Oh I see...I made things easy on myself and got a foreign Ditto....XDDD That's a great idea too. I get SOOO bored hatching eggs. XDD
    Well 4 is pretty good. Most of mine I've got from trades/events. Though Black is the most I've found in one game o.o it seems common when I EV train...in Black I've found:

    -Zebstrika (male; Spark)
    -Roggenrola (male; Mica)
    -Gothita (Female; Iris-chan)
    -Cottonee (Male; Pie)

    While it's not "common" that's when I always find them. xDD
    DO IT. Just like I did! =D Ha, ha. XD Ugh I know, I know; I have the same problem. ¬_¬ I really should stop eet; it gets on my friends' nerves.

    Ohhh ho, ho I've seen some doozies lemme tell you. XD

    Yeah me too. =| I'm so BAD at it I have to use DICTIONARY.COM while I write. XD I SEE NO SIGNS OF IMPROVING BAAWWWW. But lol well I love the writing anyway so screw it.

    YES. YES WE WILL. >=( Unless uh... unless we come across a stuck up nerd. =O If that's possible. Wait. Wait yes it is. YES IT IIIIS! >=O (XD) Who knows I daresay they exist. ;p

    Lmao my apologies. XD I shouldn't have linked HELL BELL should I? ;p

    - Syrus
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