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  • Eh I wouldn't worry about it; I'm pretty bad off myself when it comes to the new games. XD Le gasp! Get back on the SNES and finish it right this minute! >=( There's a reason it used to be my favourite game. (XD)

    Ha, ha; ah well fair dos then. ;p

    Nothing like an inside-Japanese-cartoon-joke between friends huh. ;p

    Rofl ha, ha; it's fine you should be. XD One of my main weaknesses in writing is my tiny vocabulary; must increase!

    Yeah it's strange how destiny works that way I noticed. ;p Had life gone another way you could be a totally different person and to be honest I'm not even sure I'D want to be. As weird as that sounds. XD

    Yeah they were actually built by Satan you know? The same guy that owns HELL BELL actually.


    - Syrus
    Ooh congratz on both, especially the shiny Sneasel...I've always wanted a female [shiny] one. XD Are you trying the Masuda Method for the Cottonee at all? =o
    I've tried PokeRadar before...I hate it. XDD ALWAYS A BIDOOF >.>
    Galaxy's great! When I heard this in the game my knees went weak and then I promptly kicked so much butt it wasn't even funny. It was like waking up as a child again and my old skill just came rushing back as the music entered my ears. ;p Epic nod to oldie is epic! And yeah agreed; love it. ;p Even IF I still never fully completed the original Super Mario Bros. XD Still to this day... =(

    Unlucky choice! Well who knows maybe in time you'll get the chance. ;p

    I watched a little of that and just lol wutted it so hard. XD

    Yeah I'm sorta burned out too. I'm so disappointed. In BOTH of us. *Hangs neck* XD

    Yeah it's probably a carousel. XD I don't have too many memories of those days; countless years cooped up in the house so. ;p

    Lmao ooh epic story; some kid that lives near me thought it'd be fun to get a trampoline so he does. Unfortunately one of his parents decide it'd be fun to reacquaint with their old childhood so they give it a try out. They thus almost break their back as they land on the METALLIC part of the trampoline.



    - Syrus
    XDD I was so happy. I figured with my luck he'd have Chlorophyll ._.; XD Yush it does I'm still trying to get a shiny Flygon xD
    Prankster is nice for Sableye...>.<;;; much better than Stall that's for sure. Yeah they are, they have an adorable design! I have Black...so I can find them any where. ^^;
    Bro fist for her; Super Mario is for REAL homo sapiens. OH YES.

    Yeah I loved it. ;p Didn't help me with my CAREER sure but I loved it. XD

    Ha oh well fair enough. XD I used to be the same myself when I was a kid but I usually have my friend Jenn send me stuff on good cartoons and they're always great. ;p


    Lmao. XD *Highfive* Well done! XD I remember years ago climbing monkey bars as a kid. Fell all the time due to my pasty, thin arms but I still had fun.

    Somehow. XD

    - Syrus
    My mate Graham had that problem with his old mate Michael who just used him for his Wi-Fi. I don't think that's the same problem you would have though. XD

    Well you could always get back into it. ;p I really should get back into the piano myself; brilliant!

    Oh well fair enough. XD Hey I might even give it a try; I've been advised to give some other one a try. Panty and Stockings I think it was; Trollster Inc gave it to me so I thought why not. Then watched one episode of it. (XD)

    *Adjusts Monocle* OF COURSE OLD BEAN.

    You better get that checked ;p

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha! Oh poor her! ... I kid. ;p

    Hey cool! And epic choice; Kate Miccuci ftw. ;P I love playing the piano; been an age since I last did it though so hey. XD

    Ha fair dos. XD I have no idea what Fruit Basket and Lucky Star is so I'll just nod. ;p

    Ugh I seen Twilight once and facepalmed. =| I decided to give it a REAL try and be as unbiased as possible so my friend TrollsterInc and I stayed up to watch it one night. All hope drained from my face when I seen the sparkly chest. I HAD NO IDEA IT ACTUALLY EXISTED. XD Mother 2! YES! XD *Bro Fist* One of my all time favourite games of ALL time. MMMM I love that game. Obviously. OH YES.


    Ha, ha it's cool. XD TTFN dude 'till next time! And enjoy your P.E. ;p I know I didn't. XD Well unless it was Badminton. Badminton rocks.

    - Syrus
    Uggggh I tried that method years ago and got so angry at it that I threw it out the window. XD Thought to myself "NO WI-FI EVER >=(". 'Course to be fair I was young. And childish. *Looks at current self* Ahem. (XD)

    Wow nicely done! I wish I could play the Guitar. I can play the harmonica though. Just not any good. XD

    Ha, ha Tubs Gusta! XD I nicknamed mine's Tree Fiddy. ;D (XD) And eh that's not half bad; my mate nicknames his after DRAGONBALL CHARACTERS. ¬_¬ I facepalm when I face them. (XD)

    Ah, ha that yeah; pretty funny I'll admit. XD So bad it's good! And nah you're fine really; you just... live in the past! I do too; I play games that YOUR generation shouldn't even know about. ;p

    Yes. Yes it is. XD


    - Syrus
    "Man up" ha, ha. XD I've felt the same SOOO many times believe me. ;p Lucky me bought a Super Hub from Virgin Media so I can just change my Security Key with the touch of a button and screw nothing up. ;D Don't worry you'll get there. XD

    Ha, ha fair enough, fair enough. XD It's a cool idea! ;p

    I love it so much I WRITE about it. Even wrote a fic about Looker from Platinum and made it a murder mystery. Lol I suck. XD

    Ooh I LOVE nicknames; I'm that big a fanboy. My old Pidgeot = Hurricane ftw and numerous others.

    Ahhh I like Disney too but the constant copypasta of their old stuff in the games is almost shameless IMO. XD Guess it could be worse really. Uh wow (on Rune Factory) I had no idea. (XD)

    The worst part is my brother's part of a clique of friends that constantly talk about the and I quote 'philosophy of life' so when they make a Facebook post asking if people deserve to die etc I sit back and imagine them as all 5 year old children swirling a glass of brandy around their hands saying: "Yes I think that's rather SHALLOW AND PEDANTIC what about you?" Needless to say I lol hard. XD

    - Syrus
    Glad to hear it! ;p I love to have new rivals and you'll be a strong one to beat!

    Ha, ha, ha! Each to their own eh. XD In saying that I like 90's Cher and really old 80's music so hey! Live and let live.

    Ha, ha sounds fun. XD

    I nicknamed mine's Goro. From Mortal Kombat. Am I cool gaiz.

    Agggh Kingdom Hearts. *Wince* Disney copypasta for the lose. I love their original stories but it just isn't enough for me to buy their games with. =/ Each to their own I guess. Rune Factory I've never heard of. =O

    Ah, ha, ha. XD Maybe of the same thing unfortunately. ;p For instance I can't STAND anyone fanservicing about that Death Note cartoon. I used to love it until my brother got into it. Then it just opened the floodgates. XD Oh well stuff happens I guess.

    - Syrus
    Nah you're just really lazy. ;p I am too and need to work at it. XD I tend to learn better from listening to someone so I just had my friend cleft. teach me. And quite probably yeah! ;p

    I used to have that problem when I was younger too. ;p Thankfully I opened up over the years though so. I still regret not seeing R.E.M. before they stopped though. =/ So fail.

    Aww jeez that's just painful. XD I'd be so RAAAAAGE faced. Then lol it off later. Har, har.

    Ah, ha, ha; oh well each to their own I guess. ;p Ha, ha; I suppose it does yeah. XD More arms = ftw.

    If you have a PS2/PSP you can still play 'em. ;p It's how I do it. Constantly. Even though I've done every game almost.

    WOW I'm a fanboy aren't I. (XD)

    - Syrus
    Pf. I AM a guide! XD I may not be the Battler cleftboywonder is (yet ;p) but I'm certainly an expert on the EV Training itself! ;p Well watch that episode I'm talking about and you'll lol. HARD. XD

    Oh well fair enough then. XD Each to their own! ;p And don't worry it'll pass in time. XD

    Ha, ha, ha; I suppose. XD

    Ah, ha, ha well that's good! I don't really 'put up' with my friends but they're not perfect either. XD Oh humanity. Ach well fair enough then; it's not the best environment for a growing human being at all trust me. XD But it's too addictive for me as well. ;p So screw it as they say!

    Which is also frequent. (XD) Depends if you're really into mythology but The Legacy of Kain is a close second on my favourite game with Majora's Mask. ;p

    - Syrus
    Oh PFFFFFFF. XD Levels are easy enough to sort out. ;p It's the Natures/EV's and the IV's that'll be the challenge! I want to see that new-ish episode of Futurama where Fry becomes a cop. ;p Fricking WINNAGE. XD

    Ha, ha, ha! Oh short. XD Poor Whimsicotton! ;p Sorry had to do it. (XD) On a great note I went to his latest concert; pure winnage. And I wouldn't worry about it dude. ;p I was a shorty in my days too but I grew up. Thank Arceus... XD

    I had that problem too. So I stopped using traps. Oh yes.

    Ahhh as long as you can really trust those guys and have fun with 'em it shouldn't really matter how many you have. ;p I have lots of mates but (very) few friends. And YES. THE INTERNET IS OODLES OF FUN. So many YEARS spent on it. XD

    Unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with the works of Dr. Seuss. =O I prefer KAIN and his Vampiric Manliness. Play the Legacy of Kain and see what I mean.

    Storyline ftw. ;p

    - Syrus
    Awesome! A NEW RIVAL IS BORN. Come at me bro! >=D And come on have some faith in yourself kid. XD You're probably much better than you give yourself credit for; ya just gotta train hard is all! ;p Lmao that meme; yeah I was thinking that too. XD Futurama is win.

    Yeesh; fair enough. XD

    I had no friends that played back when I first started Generation 4 so I can only search for Evolution Stones, Heart Scales and general treasures. =( Lol well!

    Well that's good! Having fun's the ONLY way to go trust me. ;p

    "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time". I'm not sure who said that (John Lennon? XD) but it's never been truer. ;p

    - Syrus
    Aw jeez I'm sorry. XD 'Tis my fault and I'll make it up to ya somehow. With a battl- ... Or a tra- ... Just take some money. (XD)

    Ha, ha, ha; so it would seem! XD Ha, ha, ha; fair enough, fair enough. XD Eh it could always be worse I guess!

    MAJOR BRO FIST. Sinnoh love ftw. I'm a Kanto born and bred kinda guy but I LOVE Sinnoh too; it's like a second home to me. ;p I seem to be recently working hard in Sinnoh's Underground though. =O Love that place!

    Ha, ha; it's a sad thing I know. XD Don't worry if it's any consellation it'll FLY by. ;p

    Rofl I had no idea you could do that. XD SO MANY WASTED NIGHTS!

    - Syrus

    Lmao; I like your style. XD Ya big troll. ;p Ugh yeah I know what ya mean though. I used to just leave them there and think nothing of it but now I guess I look after my face a bit better. I was a boy once. XD NO THAT'S NOT HOW IT SOUNDS. XD

    Bloody Wi-Fi. I remember my mate Jo popping up a few weeks ago to scream about this Mewtwo give away on Black/White and I was like: RAAAAAAAGE. (XD) To be fair though I REALLY should move on. So HARD to do though. XD

    Ugh I bet I come across as some kind of cartoonish villain now don't I. XD Lol well! Could've been worse I guess.

    Because I'm 22 and I NEED to grow up unfortunately. XD AH MISS MAH YOUNGER DAYS BAAWWWW

    Lmao you're typing this at SCHOOL? Forshame! ;p Oh well; not like I've not done anything worse in my younger days. YOU ARE FORGIVEN.


    - Syrus
    Ach if it's any consellation my co-ordination goes RIGHT out the window when it's dark. Especially if I'm in my bedroom as fail as that is to admit. ;p

    Good lord. I feel for you dude. XD Heck I still get acne now and then and I'm 22. ;p I get rid of it quick though with cosmet- NO I AM NOT A WOMAN. >=( (XD)

    Yes. Yes it can. =( Bloody events.

    In time Whimsicotton. XD In time. ;p

    Ha, ha, ha; it's fuuun isn't it. XD Yeesh I should act my age. =|

    Good idea! XD TTFN dude 'till next time!

    - Syrus
    Oooooh evil; pure evil. XD

    Yeah appearances are one of the worst things in the world. ;p And I'm not just saying that because I'm as great looking as Sloth from The Goonies either. XD

    Eh I use an AR myself but only for the events that Nintendo refuse to give me. I live in Scotland therefore my chances are extremely slim for legit events. XD I only hack items, berries, TMs and the events themselves. I would become An Hero if I hacked any Stats, EV's or IV's. XD

    Ha, ha, ha; well give that time. XD Your conviction comes from your youth and your innocence; trust me it will be tested. ;p

    Some of the memes online to read are just hilarious. XD Usually they're generic in terms of genre if you get me. ;p But I still get a good chuckle from reading them. XD

    - Syrus
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