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  • Awww so sad indeed. ;p You should find a way to fix that! EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU. *Thunder* Epic dramatisation ftw.

    Nah hey fair enough! It's extremely hard not to judge someone don't get me wrong but it's something I dealt with for YEARS in school and college so I know what it's like at least. I try to know a person before I really decide on a person's character. ;p

    Wow nicely done. =O I didn't even think Arceus was legit. XD

    Ah, ha, ha; generally yeah unfortunately. XD Misanthropism ftw amirite ;p If anything I like to turn my complaining to life itself and/or about my oh so trustable Mom. If only because I'm bias. (I really should fix that XD)

    And autocorrect is WINNAGE. XD

    - Syrus
    Yeah it's only the Letter service we have right now unfortunately. =/ RELEASE IT NOW NINTENDO! >=O

    Yup. It's really surprising who you can trust and who you can't. ;p

    Bloody Arceus. XD That's still non legit isn't it?

    Among a lot of 'defining traits' I'd say it's a decent one to have personally I suppose. XD "I have lots of mates but few friends" as they would say. Heck even two faced people I can deal with; those I can halfway trust but... well you know. XD Seems like I'm beating a dead horse here; sorry. ;p Enjoy your game! XD

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha; I wouldn't worry about it. XD Whatever way you wanna do things is up to you after all. ;p Can't say I've ever played Nintendogs though. =O

    Ooh hey agreed 100%. I don't even like dealing with my own mother because she's a lying two bit, gold pursuing sorry excuse for a woman and I'm fine even with... blurting that out. ;p Sure it sounds horrible but it's the truth. Remember what Kain said in The Legacy of Kain (if you played it of course XD) "Hate me but do it honestly." Nah I don't blame you mate for the whole few friends bit for I'm much the same. I have only three people in this world I can trust explicitly and used to be a serious misanthropist because of it. Oh humanity(!) ;p

    Or learn to battle! DOOO IIIIIT XD

    Ach I dunno mate you don't really seem to annoy me. ;p Of course I'm pretty annoying myself so I guess the affinity's much the same as well. XD Still though you're much too hard on yourself; perk up kid!

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha; win. XD Sizida and I spam each other 3DS Letters so we're pretty cool that way I guess. Ah the videos! I just unlocked that feature! I really need to put it to use somehow. =O

    Nah you're fine saying that really; most people are generally two faced. What can ya do about it ya know? Just one of those things really. =/ No one's perfect.

    Oh well fair enough then. XD

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh I remember that back in my day. ;p Epic stuff!

    - Syrus
    I LOVE the letter feature; so fun! Especially using photos. ;p Ha, ha, ha!

    Agggh I know what ya mean; it's unfortunately one of those things you have to deal with in life though. 99% of the population I find are two faced anyway so I just shrug it all off and try to be as honest as I possibly can. It's darn hard though trust me. XD

    Yeah I'd head off to bed if I were you; believe it. ;p Then again I could be advising you to screw up a schedule your body's used to thus screwing you over indefinitely.

    ... I'm such a good friend. @__@

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! XD Win. ;p

    - Syrus
    Oh aye! I never go anywhere without my 3DS. ;p Not only can I use it to kill time with Battling/Hatching but the Photo feature is so great. XD I use it for the scenery and send lolzy pictures to my mates; great stuff!

    Well whatever the case it's probably just laziness. XD I remember having a low self esteem problem and just kept going at it and at it at myself like it were second nature. ;p Truth be told it WAS laziness ultimately and I'm trying to solve that so.

    Good lord look at the time. INTERNET DISTRACTIONS AHOY!

    Quite so young chap.

    - Syrus
    CAMPING you say...? READY THAT SNIPER XD Oh camping in games. Yeah I know what ya mean though. XD I've never really gone camping so I can't say what it's like. ;p Roughing it was never for me; I'm too HI TECHNICALLLL. XD

    Memes ftw Nah I know what ya mean; I'm pretty indecisive too but I'm really workin' at it. And you're not stupid dude you're probably just... lazy. ;p Shikamaru Nara can teach you a lesson! He did me! ;D

    Lmao that cracked me up. XD "Nope.avi." XD



    - Syrus
    Well you should! Ya never know when you can increase new skills etc. And wow sounds like you'll be kept busy! =O *Bro fist*

    Well hey that's something! See you ARE doing it right! ;p No internet pun intended. XD

    AUUUUGH I know what you mean! Even NOW! XD Must get back to Microsoft Word! *Plays epic training montage* INTERNET; BRING IT.

    Lmao yeah it can be a major problem. And good idea! ;p My friend Trollster Inc does that with my connection but he has another friend to siphon it off of so that's good for me. XD

    See I have that problem too. =| My friends at school got at me for it, calling me 'spastic' etc. So I said ***** PLEASE and lived in my Gameboy. (XD) Still not coming out! ;D

    - Syrus
    They are. XD *Bro fist* Well find out then! Expand your horizons! ;p

    Ach yeah my last year of school was hell itself but only because I was young, lazy and ugly. XD Ho well; **** happens as they say.

    Agggh I get that too ALL the time. =| I HATE it when I'm writing too. IN FACT IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. XD So sorry. (XD)

    Y U NO WEP IT (XD)

    Ha, ha, ha! My LIFE consists of those moments. I annoy a lot of my friends that way believe me. ;p

    - Syrus
    Win. XD So many memories as a kid doing that. ;p Respect bro fist for the nerd cave. (XD) And don't worry; you'll find it. ;p Everyone always does!

    Yeah those were great in my day. ;p But don't listen to me! XD Honestly you should really apply yourself; it's hell out there for jobs and only gonna get worse with this new Government. =| I often wished I could go through my younger years again just so I could fix my school years. XD

    Ha, ha, ha; you're not alone I'm like that all the time. XD I annoy one of my best friends to high heaven with it so I really should buckle down myself. ;p

    NNNNGH DON'T TEASE ME...! I'm always looking for more rivals. XD

    Sorry for the lateish reply - I'm Shikamaru Nara. ;D

    - Syrus
    Well sometimes all it takes is just time to find out what you're more suited to! Asda's a great place to try out! I never could get in those doors though. XD So I just stuck to Admin. A NERD IN HIS OWN ENVIRONMENT OH YES.

    Ahhh I felt the same about Fourth Year in High School; Study Leave and free periods ahoy! If only 'cause I was a lazy kid. ;p

    And nicely done! ;p Now let's try to get some with good IV's and we're sorted! ;p


    - Syrus
    Well keep on truckin' kid! ;p I really should get back into it if I can't get another College course/job comin' up. See what happens!

    Roflmao. XD Oh school days! That takes me back.

    Oh well fair enough. XD I remember feeling the same way myself. ;p

    Lmao. Oh aye definitely! I'd keep that thing away though... And I'd HOPE it doesn't know IMPRISON... ;p

    - Syrus
    Nicely chosen! Yeah age limit can be a real heck of a thing sometimes. =/

    Ha, ha, ha! I remember doing it in the school's cafeteria. XD

    Ach don't worry about it; so you're bad at it. ;p Heck so was I until I worked at it. I have a Sensei. Yay! (XD)

    Ha, ha, ha! XD I bet you won't even TRY the GTS now... ;p

    - Syrus
    There's that yeah! ;p Personally I prefer to work it all because not only do I enjoy it but I enjoy the independence as well. I was coddled as a child so I need as much independence as I can get. XD

    Wow up early for school? Yeesh I remember those days. Bro fist for the dedication! XD

    Yeah it's WPA. XD Either that or WPA-PSK (UGH WHY AM I SO NERDY) and hey! If it's any better I would've probably kicked your butt hard anyway. ;D (XD)

    Oh the Lavender Town frequencies huh. XD Yeah; it's generally because a lot of people find it creepy. ;p That's all. Tell me what you think on the Bronzong story though! I might surprise you after it's done... ;p

    - Syrus
    Yeah! Good lord I thought I was the only one! XD Ya gotta work to feed the soul as they say! Long as you ain't getting shafted by your boss of course. ;p Wow nice! Independence at your age; I'm impressed! ;p

    Sleep IS holy ;p Lmao; my brother does that. XD I'm probably the only one in my FAMILY that gets up early on Saturdays and Sundays. =| I'm such a nerd.

    Agggh so you have the same problem as a few battlers huh. ;p My connection's WEP and I changed it thankfully so I can battle who I want on the 4th Gen. XD

    You uh... may hate me for it. Just a heads up. (XD)

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha; I enjoyed it tbh too if only because it was getting me out of the house and I was having fun. XD As sad as that sounds.

    Wow fair enough. =O Can't say I've ever had it myself so I'll keep myself on the lookout! ;p

    See that's what I've been thinking too! But at the same time I'm a little... wary on opening the door to them. I like to try a lot of new things and if I hadn't did that with Sinnoh I wouldn't have loved the 4th Generation so much.

    Ha, ha, ha! I've done worse. (XD) Ever heard... of the HELL BELL Bronzong story? ;p

    - Syrus
    Ugh don't worry about it; you're still young. XD I'm like 22 so I've already had my first main job, volunteering (which I'm still currently doing *air punch*) and of course current College. You should feel great that you're doing volunteering though trust me! Kids everywhere and especially in my class can't STAND the idea of volunteering; they just see it as work with no pay. =/

    Ha, ha well that's ONE way to look at it huh. XD Well that's... good! Hey at least it's over with. ;p

    Oh is that an Unova Pokémon? I'm not too well versed with those unfortunately. XD AND YES. YES WE ARE GORGEOUS. >=(

    Ha, ha; I'm such an asshole. XD

    - Syrus
    Ahhh that's probably it then. XD My free time is much less than it used to be with College and all. ;p Gonna be looking for a job soon too.

    Gotta admit I never ever had that insomnia thing people were talking about. What WAS it like? As stupid as that sounds. XD Whoops! Didn't even notice! *Wince* Agh I need to go to bed now or I won't wake up in the morning. XD Need mah BEAUTY SLEEP

    Ha, ha, ha; sounds like it and appropriate choice of avatar too. XD

    Anyway I'll head off now and leave you to that picture. (XD) TTFN dude 'till next time!

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha! Nicely done! I'm so weak when it comes to staying up all night so I have to have my sleep. XD Well done honestly!

    Awww Harvest Moon! LOVED that game! REALLY? O_O Whoa; double impressed! I'm getting TROUNCED here! XD MUST SAVE MY HONOUR SOMEHOW

    - Syrus
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