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  • [ Awesome! But you seem to like going on Serebii while you should be working... But because you told me the two things I had to know (the fic chapter I posted today, and feeling like video chatting or not), I don't mind. :p ]
    [ In my last VM, I sent you the fic chapter I posted today, did you read it? If not, are you willing to do that before the Skype chat?

    For Skype: do you really feel like it today or not? If you don't truly feel like it, just say so, and don't think about possibly disappointing me because it would break a promise. I'd rather get a promise broken than video chat with someone who only does it for me without wanting it herself.

    I REALLY hope you'll answer this VM before the Skype chat... ]
    [ I'm glad you liked our chat, and the screenshot! You should post it in the picture thread, so anyone on this forum can see you are kawaii. :3

    I'm glad you liked the chat, and Tuesday is fine. But if there would be any way to chat today, I'd be really, really, really happy, even if it's just a short chat...

    Well, do you agree with the theory, do you think May indeed has a push up bra? And yeah, I told you the animators are perverts!

    I hope we can talk about it in Skype, whether it's a video chat or a regular message chat, and preferably now, but if not, I understand. ]
    [ http://i1164.photobucket.com/albums/q571/MarvelscaleMilotic/Naamloos.png
    Here's the screenshot I took for you during our Skype chat!

    Could you please video chat on Skype again with me soon? It would be so awesome... And you know there's nothing to be afraid of now, and I have something amazing to show you. When you see this PM, please tell me the first time you'd be ready and I'll say if I can be on or not. In the weekends, I can be on at any time aside from night and early morning, but keep in mind that I want to save the mornings and late evenings in case Tahlia gets online on DeviantArt.

    I totally forgot the theory about May in our Skype chat! I'll tell you now: May has a small chest and wears a push up bra. A friend on here found that out, she compared pics of May in AG outfit to pics of May in swimsuit and pics of her in DP outfit. In her AG outfit, her boobs look way bigger than in her DP outfit and swimsuits. What does this mean? Well, it means that May wears a push up bra under her AG outfit to make her chest look bigger, she doesn't wear it under her swimsuits, and she stopped wearing it between AG and DP, probably because she realized it was silly and stupid. After all, wearing such a thing is like lying about her chest size. I think it's sad for Drew... xD

    Chapter 9.

    Chapter 10.

    Here's that Dawn pic I mentioned in the Skype chat. You can see her underpants, the animators are such perverts... x3 ]
    True true ^^ oh, I'd love to do a Mightyena cosplay too, pokemon or gijinka :p. Aw, cool :D if I did do a Palutena cosplay, I would find every Pit cosplayer and high five them XD *hoping she will be in Smash Wii U/3DS too*

    Aah, Twilight Princess is my second favourite Zelda game after Skyward Sword, and one of my favourite games ever <3. And yeah, plus I always start out rough when I first play a new series, but after a while I'm be able to ace through on higher difficulties with no problem ;). Well, I know the new series regenerations are all a bit more ''emotional'' compared to the classic era, but this one was just, yeah |D. I hope the next series will start well, at least.
    [ AWESOME!

    Thanks! And no need to hurry, I won't judge you for a messy room...

    I'm going to post my new fic chapter in 20 minutes from now and will send you a link here, I hope you'll be able to read it before the chat, so we can talk about it in the video chat. ]
    Doh, it should be correct now- I'd put '"1997'" instead of "1977". Darn typos XD. Hehe, I'd probably look terrible since I don't really look anything like them, buuut...Palutena (from Kid Icarus), a Zelda, or Milly (from Trigun) X3. Or maybe Moonbay from Zoids, since I actually could do a more accurate cosplay of her XD. Same, I've never been able to sew well at all, so I'd likely need a lot of help from a friend or two XD. Aw, thanks <3 I'll make it a goal to set one up sometime this year~

    I'm only on Final Mix (a.ka Normal) difficulty at the moment, and I've already died a lot so I'm dreading what Proud Mode (Hard) will be like, lol. Mostly though I've just died from making little mistakes or trying to heal myself 1 second too slow |D. Sounds great! ^.^ Yep, I watched the Christmas special, but tbh I didn't think it was that great. The regeneration was way too fast O_O.
    Sorry, now I'm the one late replying XD. Nice, I love cosplays! If I could actually get any costumes together, I would totally do some X3. I'm sort of just stalking tumblr at the moment, but seeing everyone else's awesome art makes mine look terribad in comparison, haha. I will get around to doing some art for the PxP thread for sure :D. Yeah, okay! Maybe you can let me know what's in my friend safari then, cause I have no idea XD. Mine's on my About Me profile page ^^. Good luck with getting one if you do give it a shot!

    Happy New Year now!~ But I did have a great Christmas. My best presents were a Doctor Who DVD (A Classic Who episode, cause I love those. Second Doctor/ Patrick Troughton XD) and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. I've waited so long to finally play Kingdom Hearts *.*. How was your Christmas?
    I'm not able to trade or battle right now though, because I need to download an update for Y but the eShop is down right now >_<
    [ I liked the voice chat today, sorry for having to quit so abruptly, talking in the voice chat while my dad was downstairs would feel a little uncomfortable... Normally, I'd go upstairs to voice chat, but I had to stay downstairs for breakfast.

    Could you please answer my last PM whenever you are ready? ]
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