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  • Actually, no XD. See, I keep thinking about setting up one (a tumblr too), and a couple of my friends really think I should, but I never manage to get around to it. Also, there are a lot of pictures I've done that I want to touch up or redo completely first, and I have a bad habit of not colouring a lot of my artwork so there's that to do too ^^;. I posted in the new thread straightaway XD (And a few other people have too, which is great!). Yeah, in the Friend Safari the rates are supposedly much higher than the regular odds, but no one knows for sure how much yet. The actual overall odds for different methods are much lower in Gen 6 as well compared to other gens though, especially with Masuda Method and Chain Fishing, so you could always try those sometime too~

    Awesome, is that the Lego one? :O It looks fun. I might as well say it now since I'll probably be very busy tommorow- Merry Christmas! :D
    [ Then I'll show all of it now, I'd rather do it now than after Christmas. I'll do it in the PM. ]
    [ Will you be online on 24 or 25 December? If not, I should show you my Christmas stuff now instead of on those days. ]
    [ Awesome, I'm glad you like it! I'll take a pic of me with the toy for you when I get it, would you like that? Then I'll also have my Milotic toy with it. And maybe the Absol one too, and then Whiscash being jealous about Milotic being together with Absol. One-sided MarvelWhiskerShipping (is that how you called Milotic x Whiscash), and Milotic x Absol (because of my girlfriend and me). :P

    Here's chapter 8! ]
    Aww, thanks ^_^ I think I've definitely improved a lot since then, or at least in digital art I have XD. Doing graphic design has actually helped me do that at least~ Pretty sure it was FairWeathershipping (Pikachu x Barboach) XD. It does take a heck of a lot of patience, but it's so awesome when a shiny finally appears :D. I pretty much mostly hang around/post in the shiny hunters thread, lol.

    Cool, what game? I have so many I want to play, the list just keeps on growing >.< Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101, Smash Bros, Windwaker HD, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors...Yeah, that's true, it's holidays now, the time for resting and no stress! Got soooo many games/shows/books to catch up on! XD
    [ Of course not, I've never been mad at you. I just sent it because it's funny, no representing here. :p ]

    I used to sleep with my toys, but they would always end up on the floor and I couldn't get comfortable, so I don't anymore.
    I'm not too sure on that since we always spend New Year's at someone else's place without her and she hasn't seen our Fourth of July fireworks. I'd imagine she wouldn't be a fan of them either.
    Well, I'd definitely feel like drawing some things again, as well as some new stuff ~ That reminds me, I never did get around to doing that one shipping request you asked me to draw, sorry! I'll do my best to go back to it sometime, if you still remember/care XD. I have Y, but I haven't finished it yet thanks to being busy Shiny hunting :p.

    I only bought a few little things for my mum/dad/siblings, since I don't have a lot to spend on presents XD. Hmm, I'm not sure really. There's a few games and anime I'd love to have, so I'll probably ask for something like that. I'm trying to save up my own money to buy a Wii U next year >.<. Awesome, I really need to get myself together and get a part time job, but self confideeence |D.
    I honestly don't know, don't think either of them has ever seen the postman. Mama gets jittery around inanimate objects like blankets and trashbags moving "by themselves."
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